Amazing Home Decoration Tips for Homeowners

DIY home decoration typically means decoration on a budget. After all, most of us wouldn’t take the trouble to do it all ourselves if we could afford to just hire a professional. That doesn’t mean DIY home decoration needs to look cheap, however. It can be done for much less than it would cost to hire an interior decorator, but it can still produce

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Museums Offer Virtual Tours

Nowadays it is scary to be in crowded places. Many countries around the world has implemented lockdowns and social distancing. This is now practiced in many places to stop the spread of the virus. Many businesses closed or ceased operation. Because of this people could not visit these places.
During the pandemic a lot of people were isolated in their homes, leaving them with many free time. They could not leave their homes. We had to give up our freedom to travel and movement. We could not freely move around outside our homes.
Some countries has recommended to cancel all large gatherings and events. This may continue if the virus is still around.This has left owners of tourists attractions with little options. They had to find ways to make their services available. Companies including museums have adjusted to this pandemic. Like for many artists they started to perform via online streaming. This method is very effective to reach out to their fans and make up for cancelled events or concerts. During this pandemic visiting museums and other historical monuments is possible. We can do this by a click of a button. Anyone can enjoy this experience in the comforts of their own home. Museums also adjusted on how to share the arts to the public. This is possible through virtual tours. Despite them being physically closed they still made an effort to make their presence available online. Most cultural institutions are adapting this kind of trend. There are plenty of museums and art galleries that already offer tours which we can visit virtually.

Virtual Museum Tour of The Louvre, Paris (2020) Mona Lisa to Louvre Pyramid.

This pandemic has opened many doors in discovering more of the arts. During the quarantine season it would be nice to have family members experience this virtual tour. This is an excellent way to hang around with the family during this pandemic. This is also a gift we can offer to our children. For more ideas on the perfect gift, we can give to 19 year old girls, please visit this link.
Some museums are still ordered to close. It might take some time for them to open. We can still continue to appreciate and learn about the arts by visiting these virtual tours without the worries of catching the virus.

Junked Cars Found in a Sculptor’s Barn

Million of Classic Cars Found in Dutch Artist’s Barn

It’s every classic car enthusiast’s dream: a shed full of almost untouched precious rare classics. It happened Boxelder, Autumn, Fall, Rural, Farm, Ranch, Cabinto a French auction house late last year.

In a shed near the studio of a Dutch sculptor in Belgium were three Bugattis from the 1930s and a Citroen from the 1920s. They had been there almost untouched since the 1950s because the sculptor only used them as inspiration and model for his works, rather than as a means of transport for Sunday rides.

And a Citroen

You have to move two hundred soaked sandbags for it, but then you also have some. Matthieu Lamoure, general manager of the auction house Artcurial Motorcars, did not know what he was going to find when he recently came together with Mattie Pierre Novikov to investigate a Belgian barn. In any case, it was clear that someone had once deemed the content valuable enough to barricade the matter considerably. In addition to the sandbags, there was also a modern car between outsiders and the loot.


The employees of the French auction house where the cars will be auctioned did not just come to the valuables. To Evacuate, Tow Away, Illegal Parking, Towaway, Porschedo  this, they first had to remove nearly a hundred heavy sandbags that completely barricaded the barn doors. Behind it was an old Rover that was no longer driving and had to be towed away. Towing services were contacted ( ) for help and assistance.

When all those blockades were removed, the appraisers did not believe their eyes. The four precious cars were auctioned in France. They are expected to generate more than 1 million euros in total.

Sculptor Millionaire Who Came From Nothing

The sellers initially wanted to remain anonymous, but the website Classic and Sportscar already reports that it is the family of the Limburg sculptor August Thomassen. De Telegraaf published their story, which shows that they have always lived in poverty because Thomassen did not want to sell the cars. After a burglary in November, they realized that they could not insure the cars or store them safely enough. That is why the 95-year-old sculptor, who always lived in poverty and who bought the cars at the time for a habit of French farmers, now becomes a millionaire in one fell swoop.



Debunking Game Art Development Myths

It’s not always easy to state the difference between what is real and what is not. It matters not whether you’re a fresher in sport development or whether you’ve been working in precisely the same field for years.  There’s lot of ideas being held by new programmers that are in fact taking them. So it’s crucial to know what the myths of game art development are.

One of the myths is that you doesn’t have sufficient time.

Most people attempt to cut down the time they spend watching tv and playing games to conserve a lot of time. But if you re into 3d game art then watching movies or playing games or even spending some time in front of any kind of screen is nothing incorrect. It’s always fantastic to see different people’s work who are in precisely the same field as you.

There’s another thing that the majority of the artists in game art have a tendency to believe their job is not better than anybody. It’s just because they compare their work to a number of the artists in the field. Thing that the new comers should realize that each artist is going to have some work of the past they would not like to flaunt. It may be occasionally their first work but every artist is going to have a work that they may not be pleased to showcase.

Another myth is that artists cannot code.

Actually this should be put up in another way artists don’t like to code. It is not that artists cannot code but many artists do not want to code as it adds on to their daily work. But every artist must try coding as this will improve your job and help you.

Another variable is that the majority of artists do not like to take notes down. Taking notes is always excellent. You can’t remember everything you hear or see. Be it someone else’s or your ideas, taking down notes can help you to capture thoughts Not only artists, but taking down notes is valuable for everybody.

He can not be creative, if a person does not possess the ability to draw then. Getting creative in the world of today is very important. There are lots of creative functions. However, for these roles if you have skills such as drawing, then it does not mean that you aren’t creative enough.

In games, of course, graphics is an important aspect. For example, LOL – a game created by riot games – has superb graphics. If you want to try this game, create a LOL Smurfs to try it 😉 Though it’s 2d, it has clear pixels for better user experience. Other games are 3d and sometimes you don’t know whether it’s real or not since it looks realistic. These are why good game graphics are important.

Spend time to increase your drawing and try to prove yourself. Drawing can help you improve your own work.


Tips on Designing an Invitation Card

You set the place and the date hired the caterer and picked the theme. You simply need people to appear!

Whether you are creating an invitation to send in even a printing layout for your email, or an email, this is a part of the event planning procedure. It can be fun! You have to consider motifs, color palettes, typography, imagery, event information, and much more to distill your occasion. With careful preparation and attention to detail, how you can find out how to create your invitations. You may send your invitation cards online or through snail mail. Drop by the office beforehand and send them in post offices hours to your special guests.

Keep reading to find ways to create cards, custom made invitations, and spare the dates:

Dimensions & Layout

Based on the kind your card measurements may vary. Listed below are a few versions of tarot cards, oblong and which range from square and small to thin. Every nicely thought invitation requires some time to style out, by going out your invitation layouts so avoid a deadline. It is very important to give yourself time illustrations, and color schemes.

Color & Theme

Color concept is just one of the most essential facets of a layout, directing colors set with each other to make an emotion or tone within a makeup. Do not apply colors your layout will look better if you are intentional about color. Invitations choose from different styles or fall inside. These styles influence this card’s look, such as illustrations its color scheme, and typography. As a whole lot are Discovering the proper design might be overpowering at first. Do some research.

Experiment With Templates

Starting with an invitation template is one way. They are especially helpful once you’re not accustomed to designing whether you’re in a rush or invitations. There are many unlimited vector invitation templates online, from marriage to vacation celebration invites, that may be easily edited and customized from Adobe Illustrator. Or, it is possible to make it easier on yourself and use a predesigned template at Shutterstock Editor, in which you can quickly customize it inside the program.

You will find lots of templates contain sample text (“Lorem Ipsum”) plus a color palette to explain to you the way typography and color come together inside the plan. The majority of the case and plan work is finished; you have to change the text and color schemes out to create the invitation more private.

High-Quality Fonts

Once you create your invitations, employing a font is particularly important. The same as other design components, typography plays a part in a specific composition. Emotions are evoked by Various fonts. As an instance, script fonts exude sophistication, while sans serif fonts provide a casual vibe away.

An invitation is much more than simply its aesthetics. As you proceed through the planning process, do not neglect the main reason to inform the others of an important event.


Wood Carving and Artistry

Wood had always been a material used in many artworks. Wood carving is among the many uses of wood apart from building houses. From a block of wood, the artist can come up with rough sculptures or any items such as a wooden bowl or spoon and then smooths it out with a sander. Before the introduction of power tools (for example, r2601 orbital sanders), sandpaper was used.

Wood Carving Tools

For beginners, standard woodcarving tools are enough. The average woodcarving tool is usually 12 or 24 pieces and includes a variety of tools. Now, as you develop more complex and detailed engraving techniques, you need advanced engraving tools. When defining a basic tool that a novice woodcarver will need to understand, carving tools could be described in line with the tool’s cutting edge shape, cutting edge width and cutting edge contour. The most basic wood carving tools includes a sharp cutting knife, chisel, mallet or hammer, and coping saw

Is wood carving difficult?

It may seem frightening when you first start reading about it and actually looking into various videos to see better instruction on carving. But if you are eager to learn, wood carving is, after all, not so difficult. Thanks to many techniques that you can learn from tutoring or from trial error guided with books and tutorial videos. New hobbies require patience, practice, and hard work and the same goes for the craft of wood carving.

A Word of Advice for Novice Wood Carvers

Make sure that you are using sharp tools every time. Sharp tools can carefully cut it clean. They are also easier to use than blunt tools. Therefore, it is then important to learn how to first sharpen you tools correctly. Wood that is easy to sculpt allows you to learn the basic skills of carving without having to fight with materials like B wood. Understand the dynamics of trees. Learn about cereals and how grains can help you. Learning your own design means learning. If you can create your own original design, you will envy others. You can also sell it if you like.


Storage of Oil Paintings and Works of Art

Paintings are considered an object of value that increases over time if properly stored and treated. This is not a new development and is still an important part of the art market today. Oil paintings, in particular, require complex maintenance, storage, and transport. Oil paints take a much longer time to dry and are usually treated with varnish. In addition, oil paintings come in a frame. Both frame and canvas are part of the overall concept of art and require appropriate professional care.

If you need help in moving your collection of art, contact removalist Melbourne. They have enough experience and knowledge in the moving industry so that they understand how to handle your art collection with care.

Oil Painting Tips : Storing Canvas Oil Paintings

If the artwork is removed from the wall, the chosen storage location is decisive for the preservation of the picture. The storage should, therefore, be properly planned so that hanging again does not become a nuisance. An oil painting that is damaged after storage loses its value considerably. Damages are often related to the environment in which images are stored but this can be easily avoided. Paintings and canvases are very sensitive to all changes, including changing temperatures, rising humidity, or sunlight.

Dusting and cleaning oil paintings

The care begins with the care of oil paintings and canvases. Older paintings, in particular, need to be cleaned from time to time, although the sensitivity of the works of art rarely tolerates damp wiping. Instead, a cloth can be slightly moistened if the painting is varnished or glazed. Unpainted pictures or a very nice gold-coated frame may only be dusted with a fine brush so that the coating is not damaged. If the gold shine has already been lost, for example, it can be refreshed with a special gold finger paste.

Color cracks, which are typical of such canvases due to their age, also play a role in oil paintings. If you do not do this carefully, the paint may flake off. Therefore soft feather dusters are recommended, e.g. B. from ostrich feather. Old house recipes such as the use of potato or onion skins are not advisable. Although they can clean a painting, they cannot protect it from damage.

Preparation, restoration, and conservation of paintings

The simple dusting or cleaning of painting is relatively quick, but if a canvas has to be prepared and renewed, the art lover cannot avoid the professional service that galleries and auction houses offer. All paintings are subject to the typical and natural aging process, can fade or darken in color or have stubborn impurities that change the color of the picture and also influence the varnish.

For this purpose, a picture is always exposed to various environmental influences and therefore needs from time to time a professional cleaning, which can revitalize expensive and old paintings in particular or even necessitate restoration that ensures the preservation of the picture. Mostly works of art are cleaned, the varnish is removed or renewed, the picture is generally examined and a condition analysis is carried out. Then the painting can be re-glued, retouched, preserved, or given a back protection treatment. Proper treatment also includes crack welding, gold plating or patination, the restoration of works of art made of stone or wood, refurbishing the frames, or duplicating.

The lighting conditions when storing paintings and works of art

For the hanging as well as for the storage of oil paintings, the given lighting conditions are crucial for the preservation of the artwork. Oil paintings can tolerate light, but not direct sunlight, which unfavorably heats and expands the material and also influences the color and glaze. Sunlight causes an oil painting to decrease in color intensity over time. In the same way, darkness has a corresponding effect and, when stored for a long time, causes oil paintings to darken considerably in the colors. This affects canvases that have not been painted or varnished.

Therefore, oil paintings have to be illuminated, which is easily possible today with normal LED lamps. These contain no UV radiation and nevertheless achieve a sufficiently bright light to be able to see all the details beautifully. The illuminance should be a maximum of 150 LUX. Works of art will also have to be stored under glass especially if they are going to be stored for a longer period.

Every light source has an influence on the painting and materials. In addition to daylight, this also applies to light bulbs, neon, or halogen light. The spectral sensitivity and illuminance, as well as the duration of the illumination, are therefore crucial for protecting the image. Illuminating a work of art permanently with light is therefore just as harmful as direct sunlight, even if the process slows down. In the same way, spotlights or painting lights should be avoided if they have a direct radiance of heat on the canvas. The image can, therefore, be exposed to changing lighting conditions and is therefore preserved for longer.


Artists Worldwide Express COVID-19 Sentiments via Street Art

The global COVID-19 health crisis spawned various political and social issues that many artists from around the world reflected on, by way of street art.

Dr. Tyson Mitman, a Senior Criminology and Sociology Lecturer St John University, shared a compilation of the different murals on The Conversation. Along with Twitter posts of the street artists, Dr. Mitman gave us a quick view of the different COVID-19 sentiments conveyed via the thought-provoking street arts.

Appreciation for the Medical and Health Care Frontliners

Banksy, an anonymous street artist in the UK, paid tribute to NHS workers and to all medical workers around the world by painting graffiti outside the Southampton Hospital in the UK. His art work came with a note expressing gratitude for the new superheroes of the world.

Banky’s mural painting, captioned “Game Changer,” shows a young boy discarding his Batman and Spirderman action figures; preferring instead to play with a hospital-nurse doll that represents a non-fiction superhero.

Amsterdam’s famous graffiti artist FAKE, expressed his admiration and gratitude to medical frontliners across the globe. He painted a mural of a nurse wearing a face mask imprinted with the iconic Superman logo. In order to spread his heartfelt gratitude worldwide, FAKE also created poster-sized prints of his “Super Nurse” street art, and anyone interested can download it free at the artist’s website.

Lampoons of Infamous Political Leaders and their COVID-19 Misstatements

UK’s Bristol street artist John D’oh took a shot at one of the most idiotic and at the same time, dangerous pronouncements of U.S. president Donald Trump. D’oh’s street art is that of the POTUS and his suggestion of injecting disinfectant as a potential protection against COVID-19. The artist added a commercial-like slogan stating: “Does a Great Number on the Lungs” – “Kills 99.9% of Americans.”

In Australia, street artist LUSHSUX painted a mural showing China’s president Xi Jinping fully geared in a yellow hazmat suit, with a deadpan facial expression as he uttered: “Nothing to see. Carry on”.

Dr. Mitman was quick to note that while the murals emerged at a time when the lockdown was strictly enforced, it is apparent that the artists and several others, had apparently came out and took risks in painting their respective graffiti art.


Interior Design: Kitchen Design And Layout

A kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to have the most expensive kitchen appliances to be able to store your food or do your cooking. Even the best dishwasher under $700 is decent enough as long you ensure that it works perfectly and does the job well. Similarly, a kitchen doesn’t need to have the grandest counter tops and light fixtures for it to look great.

Many say that the center of a home is the kitchen. And as mentioned, the most expensive and grandest kitchen appliances, furniture and fixtures aren’t necessarily what you need to make it look fabulous. What you need is careful planning to make certain your kitchen is visually appealing and functional as well.

kitchen interior design and layoutTips and Suggestions for a Great Kitchen Design

Look for a central or focal point. Fancy floors, splashy tile, fancy floors, bright cabinets, as well as flashy kitchen countertop designs will be too much for the eyes. Choose a single focal point and that area with some other softer but eye-catching elements.

  • Get rid of wasted steps. Consider where and how you make use of your kitchen items. Keep breakfast foods and dishes close to the breakfast table. Store containers and wraps in one convenient area close to the surface where you usually work or prep meals. Situate tableware near the sink or dishwasher to cease the unloading process.
  • Lead traffic. To create a child-friendly kitchen, situate the cooktop away from traffic zones so children don’t accidentally get caught on handles and/or cause spills as if and when run through. Moreover, your refrigerator has to be accessible and reachable people walking through as well as those working in food preparation and cleanup areas.
  • Light colors go well in a small kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, go for light colors since darker shades will make the space even smaller as well as less welcoming. Light and soft color schemes on along with natural light will make the space look wider/bigger.
  • Arrange the cooking range. Put a shelf behind or nearby the cooking range to store utensils, cooking oils, and spices nearby. Same goes with pans and pots you usually use.
  • If you decide to put a kitchen island, determine its function. In terms of a kitchen island, form/design follows function. If you would want prep meals and eat on the kitchen island, make sure it has enough space so as to the safely separated cooktop from the eating area.


Art Community Raises Funds to Help Artists

Art Community Raises Funds to Help Indie Artists

California and New York are under lockdown and shelter-in-place orders, prompting the art community to raise funds for indie artists during the Covid-19 crisis.

Bars, pubs, concerts, festivals, galleries and similar other places, where independent artists perform or have their artworks exhibited, have been ordered closed. The measure is deemed as extreme but critical for everyone’s safety. As it is, public health officials arrived at decisions to strictly implement extreme social distancing measures, in order to stem the Covid-19 disease rapidly engulfing the communities in those two states.

Many Americans, especially those born under sunsigns that largely influence their penchant for social events and gatherings, find the stay-at-home order a difficult pill to swallow. People tend to socialize and commune by nature. However, they should also understand that if they continue to do so amidst the coronavirus threats, the greater the possibility of contracting and spreading the Covid-19 disease across communities.


At the end of the day, they will end up in far worse situations; needing medical attention in a community in which health care facilities are already overwhelmed.

Lockdown and shelter-in-place orders though have economic costs, as jobs are lost and compensations from regular employment are suspended. Nonetheless, Congress has approved the release of federal funds to help the American people weather the crisis the public is currently facing. The great news is that the art community in California is also making emergency funds available to independent artists in dire need of financial assistance.


Fund-Raising Campaigns by California’s Art Community

In knowing that cancellation of auctions and galleries will have adverse impact on many of California’s independent artists, organizations who have committed to nurturing and promoting San Francisco’s community of artist have launched fund-raising campaigns that can provide financial assistance to independent artists:

Creativity Explored , a non-profit organization that works toward the goal of nurturing and empowering artists developmental disabilities, is asking patrons, who would have had attended the events and exhibits that have been canceled due to Covid-19, to continue providing support by buying artworks online.

The Safety Net Fund – A nonprofit organization whose main goal is to help support Bay Area’s community of creatives, as they cope with the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 crisis. The organization will provide grants to artists who typically earn from events and retail establishment, but have been barred from opening due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Grants of $500 per month, but dependent on the amount that the organization will raise, and to be awarded without expectations of repayment. The financial help is available to independent visual artists, musicians, performance artists and event organizers, not only to help them survive the Covid-19 crisis, but enable them to carry on with their creative work as well.

ArtSpan – ArtSpan Executive Director Joen Madonna and her staff have been sending out requests for donations to local art lovers. Moreover, their goals include devising alternative ways that will allow interaction with artists from other places.


Is Backlink Building Essential For Artist Website

Having newly created your dance studio website, you know that your website is not going to prosper without SEO. This means you will need to put some effort so that your dance studio is searchable in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You may have heard of backlinking or link building for the success of your business. In this article, let’s take a look more at the backlink building for the success of your dance studio business.

Three marketing strategies to get more people in your dance class

Backlink building is an essential part of the search engine optimization process, off-page SEO. Backlinks are links that link one site to another while referring to another … Backlink building is a target for Google penalties. Because of the normal way backlink building …

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are links that a website links to while referring to another website. However, not all links are recognized as backlinks by search engines. Backlinks that are recognized by search engines must be clickable hyperlinks.

Of course, the amount of backlinks can help you rank higher in search results, but if the backlinks to your website has are mostly low-quality backlinks, they can negatively impact your top ranking.

High quality backlinks are one of the factors that can help your website appear at the top of search engine results. High-quality white label link building can be understood as backlinks that come from authoritative sites that are already ranked among the top Google search engines with content related to the website. In addition, the backlink must come from a site that is relevant to the website and come from a top-ranked authoritative site.

In summary, the more high-quality backlinks received from a variety of authoritative sites that relate to the content of your website, the higher the chances of a top-ranking search engine.

Three Importance of Backlinks

1. Brand awareness/impressions
As mentioned earlier, backlinks are links to other websites from our website. If our website is repeatedly mentioned in the content of other websites, it can naturally lead to brand exposure and further increase brand awareness.

2. Network Strengthening / Traffic Rising
Having a lot of backlinks can help boost your natural business network and boost traffic. If an individual reads a great content and sees a backlink directing to the source, it’s likely that they want to click on the link to find out who the author is and where they posted it. If a user who visits our website via a backlink likes the content of our website, they may subscribe to our newsletter or follow social media.

3.Organic Search Ranking Rise
Organic search is search engine search results, not keyword search results, which are pay-per-click ads like PPC or CPC. Building backlinks has a positive impact on search engine rankings because search engines are one of the criteria by which our website is rated as a trusted website. Therefore, good management of backlinks can be very helpful for the top ranking of search engines.


Amazing Home Decoration Tips for Homeowners

DIY home decoration typically means decoration on a budget. After all, most of us wouldn’t take the trouble to do it all ourselves if we could afford to just hire a professional. That doesn’t mean DIY home decoration needs to look cheap, however. It can be done for much less than it would cost to hire an interior decorator, but it can still produce great results… if you know what you’re doing.

To help you with your DIY home decoration project, I’ll reveal some amazing tips that can help you achieve your task. I’ve done a lot of DIY home decoration myself and now it’s my turn to pass on the tips that helped me most to other DIY-ers.

Things to Do Before You Start Your DIY Home Decoration

There are some things you need to do before you start your DIY home decoration. For example, you need to organize your furniture and possessions first. Figure out where you can store the effects in each room even before you even start working on it. It can save you a lot of grief later and prevent items from getting lost in all the bustle.

There’s no point in spending so much on your DIY home decoration for one room when it’s not even the one in which you spend most of your time.

Once you’ve settled all those matters, you can move on to your actual DIY home decoration. Here are some ideas for what you can do.

Repurpose Objects as Furniture

The strangest things can work amazingly well as furnishings with just a little polishing and imagination. Need bookshelves? Ask for wooden fruit crates from friends who have farms or restaurants. Need end tables? Ask for larger crates from those who order wine in bulk.

A lot of things can be reused very effectively. I’ve seen someone make a coffee table out of a slab of polished wood placed atop piles of books. It actually looked beautiful.

Paint Doors in Contrast Colors

This is a great way to update an entire room’s look with just one small paint job. As long as you pick the right standout colour, your door can make a big difference. If your walls are plain white, try a spot of bright colour, for instance — like red, yellow, or teal blue.

You don’t always have to pick a bright colour, though. A nice, muted-gloss black can also give a door a nice touch of class when setting against very light, neutral-coloured walls.

However, if you are looking for flender gearbox repair you can also visit this link


Why Wall Art Matter

For some a wall is just space, more often than note, house owners don’t really give light to these dull walls.

We often see wall art treated as an afterthought, or not at all. It’s what gets dealt with last, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been artfully arranged if it gets dealt with at all. So today, I will help you out in picking the right wall decoration to make sure that your wall goes well with your overall house decor.

Pick Your Shade

The key here is to make sure to pick a palette that goes along well with the house. Our best advice is to leave the paint chips behind and focus on searching for wall art instead. Once you find a painting or wall hanging that you absolutely love, you can use that piece as the inspiration for your room’s eventual

Choose the dominant colour, as well as a few additional shades that you’d like to pull out as accents.

Find the Focal Point

One of the most basic principals of interior design is that every room needs a focal point or a single design element that will instantly draw the eye into space and give the viewer a sense of what to expect. It goes without saying that a great piece of wall art could easily fulfil this position.

When choosing a piece of wall art to be a focal point for your space, the most important consideration is size.

Don’t Afraid for Wall Painting

Find a really good painter and let them draw scribbles and shapes to your walls or at least a part of it. Don’t get afraid of getting these amazing services for art is and will always give a sense of uniqueness to your rooms.

Wall art is that finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. It is that little extra touch that can take your space from simply looking functional to appearing as if it should grace the pages of an interior design magazine.

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Climate Activists Hold 3-Day Protests Against British Petroleum’s Funding of British Museum

Last weeked, a climate activist group known as BP or not BP?, took over the British Museum and carried out what organizers tout as the “largest protest in the history of the institution.” The activists held a 3-day, all-night protest against the sponsorship of oil and gas firm British Petroleum (BP) in the London museum.

The mass action included a 51-hour occupation, where several galleries became venues for campaign speeches and theatrical processions; calling on the management of the British Museum to cut sponsorship ties with BP. The ArtNet Newspaper described the mood throughout the protest as nearly celebratory; with protesters singing and breaking out with spontaneous chants of “BP must fall!” while making their way through the British Museum’s public spaces and galleries.

At closing time, about 40 activists stayed behind to spend the night in the museum’s Great Court. When they exited in the morning of the following day, they left behind a sculpture made from casts of their body parts, entitled as “Monument.” The sculpture is said to symbolize the growing movements against fossil fuel companies like British Petroleum and their climate-crashing business activities.

British Museum Excludes BP as Sponsor to Forthcoming Arctic Exhibition

In a forthcoming arctic exhibition entitled “Arctic: Culture and Climate,” the British Museum exempted British Petroleum from sponsoring the event. After all, the exhibition that is slated to open on May 28 to August 23, 2020, will showcase tools, garments and works of art in relation to the Arctic people’s deep association with the icy environment of their homelands. The exhibit also includes contemporary artistic commissions and photographs of some ancient objects that have been unraveled by the rapidly melting permafrost.

Aside from drawing from the British Museum’s large world-class collection of Arctic artefacts, the upcoming exhibit will also feature personal testimonies of Arctic inhabitants such as community leaders of the Inupiat Eskimo village of Shishmaref, Alaska. They will be highlighting their ongoing efforts to mitigate flooding and coastal erosion, which are among the critical impacts of climate change in the Arctic regions.

The British Petroleum company on the other hand has been lobbying to extend its oil drilling license in the Alaskan region, a business plan that directly contradicts global movements working toward addressing the worsening effects of climate change.


Why Use a Drone for Photography?

Drones are being utilized in the subject of photography.

It began as a pastime, but it’s taken a flip that was professional. A drone has been an wonderful tool which may help capture stunning shots which were unimaginable. You may have seen aerial shots of arenas such as areas, rivers, deserts and mountains . There is A helicopter employed for filming pictures and there is a crew present to help the camera individual. Nevertheless it is impossible to arrange for a helicopter. In the event that you’ve got the financing available to you personally to arrange for a helicopter, then you’d call for a pilot to fly the helicopter photos can be taken by you. Consequently, if you would like to indulge without needing to spend a lot of money more than it drones would be your very best alternative.

Drones are available in varieties. You may pick the one most appropriate to your photography requirements. This version is excellent for photographers who have begun using drones and beginners. There is a risk that the drone tends to wreck as you’re learning how to fly , therefore it’s far better to purchase a less expensive version.

Photographers that are well-versed in creating a drone may choose to purchase advanced drones having the capacity of carrying a camera.

The DJI Phantom series is included by A number of the versions of drones which are used for photography. If you’re certain about your drone flying abilities you can go from 3D Robotics to your Iris. All these drones can cost you about $800, but they’re worth the price. There are affordable drones which you can buy online too. Photographs which you get from these types of drones’ quality is wonderful.


Yoga Mats Design Ideas – Create Your Own Style

Most yoga fanatics know the importance of the yoga mat in every session even for the most basic routine.

There are even yoga mats that can be used for travel that can be seen over the market. However, yoga mats can also be personalized based on your own design and preference as a form of different representations of art. The succeeding paragraphs below discuss some various yoga mat design ideas for your own creation.

Yoga Mats Design Ideas

From the basic style up to the most artistic one, the designs below may enhance your yoga session to a more beneficial one.

Basic Yoga Mat Design

The first yoga mat design is a simple one yet inspirational that even beginners may enjoy doing. With the utilization of stencils to create motivational quote and a painter tape to make various geometric styles, this basic yoga mat can be done with just a couple of minute. You’ll only need to have the following materials:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tape
  • Letter stencils
  • Sponge brush

Painted Style Yoga Mat

The finished product of this yoga mat will make you feel relaxed every start of the yoga session. Through the use of tape, make lines as your writing guide. And to give some accent, incorporate some swirly designs. Moreover, with the help of the acrylic paint, the yoga mats will have more grip aside from having a beautiful appearance. For about less than an hour you can have your painted yoga mat by having these materials:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s tape

Yoga Mat with Strap Design

This next yoga mat design is pretty much perfect for those yoga enthusiast who love to practice yoga outside their home. Due to this routine, a yoga mat with a convenient handle is suitable since yoga mat is packed in roll. This design will give you a yoga mat that is very easy and convenient for travel. And designing a beautiful one may even make it to the top travel yoga mats. Just prepare all the materials below:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Velcro strips
  • Thick ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


You Don’t Have To Set Up A Gallery To Sell Your Artworks; Create Your Online Art Exhibit Instead!

Social media has introduced us to a lot of opportunities, especially when it comes to setting up our own business. Before, we have to build our own stall first in the market to display our sellable goods or products. With the power of social media, we can connect with our friends, and even strangers, then later on persuade them into buying our products. There are many people who have already set up their online markets in different social media platforms, and perhaps it is now your chance to do the same.

To make things more unique and interesting for you, try something else in the social media that will call attention. If you are given with artistic hands, why not make marvelous artworks to sell online? This time, drawing or painting will not be just your hobby or pasttime as you have the chance to make big bucks out of your God-given talent, with just a little boost of your social media skills!

You will only need an effective strategy to have a fast-earning online business. The public is always looking for something cool and interesting to purchase online, and with the right mix of creativity and knowledge in social media, any artist-entrepreneur can sell their artworks within just a matter of minutes.

Just Focus On Selling Your Artworks And Disregard The Haters For A Moment

With the magic of your artworks, you can easily get a huge number of followers in whatever social media platform you are using. The reason why many social media users are so attracted into swiping through their feed is because they want to reach more people. However, getting other people’s attention is a big challenge, and for artists who have out-of-this-world creativity, they get the advantage of capturing the interest of the public. Trust that some people out there are very excited to buy their very first artwork, and if you are just determined enough to attract potential customers, you will get your first bill shortly.

However, if you are an artist who have just started his or her online business, you should know as early as now that you can always attract haters in their platform. These people don’t really care if they like your artworks or not. They are just interested to bother you and cause some commotion for their own personal pleasure. You must already expect that others can be a bit too harsh in their comments, thus making you discouraged from doing your art.

Always keep in mind that your job as an online seller is to create more posts every day so that your followers know that you are active. It would also help your online business if you engage with them more often. Saying “thank you” for receiving compliments, or asking them what is up with them will give them a nice impression, not just as an artist, but also as a friendly social media user. For you to really bond with your newfound buddies in social media, check out this great prank call app for some fun time.


Bundanon Trust Commended for Quick Action in Protecting Valuable Art Collection

Last Saturday, the massive Currowan fire that destroyed decimated coastal communities lying between Bateman’s Bay and Nowra during recent days, had jumped the Shoalhaven River and spurred a new blaze in the Gold Coast, known as the Morton Fire.

Fortunately for the Gold Coast art community, the Bundanon Trust was able to complete the removal of a valuable collection of more than 3800 artworks, with an estimated worth of $43 million, out of the Georgian-style homestead in Shoalhaven Valley, The homestead and the art collection are parts of the legacy bequeathed by prominent Australian artist Arthur Boyd, to the people of Australia.

Bundanon Trust Took Action as before Bushfire Hit Riverdale

The Bundanon Homestead overlooks the Shoalhaven River separating the property from the Morton National Park. it is a 1100-hectare estate in which hundreds of artworks that Boyd had given to the nation in 1993, were kept as exhibits by the Bundanon Trust. Ordinarily, the extensive collection of artworks produced not only by Arthur Boyd, but also by his family and peers, were available for viewing every Sunday.

However, the officers and staff of Bundanon Trust had to close the Bundanon Homestead and Arthur Boyd’s Studio before Christmas. Preparations for the transfer of the irreplaceable collection were already underway in as early as November 2019. Yet it was still a race against time and against the bushfires that had spread quickly, and already burning the ridge behind Riversdale,

According to Deborah Ely, Chief Executive of the Bundanon Trust, work was supposed to have begun for the construction of a purpose-built fireproof underground storage in a new contemporary gallery in which to house the $43 million worth of Bundanon art collection. As it was, Don Harwin, the NSW Minister for Arts had announced in July 2019, the approval of a multimillion funding for the construction of a new subterranean modern gallery in which to showcase and protect the collection that Arthur Boyd had bequeathed to the country.

Yet as the turn of events have it, the dreaded summer bushfires they had anticipated, and which started in August had quickly turned into a catastrophic series of bushfires that up to now continues to threaten the entire country. Ms. Ely said that they had instead worked closely with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) for many weeks as the situation had developed into something that is devastating. They were aware that the RFS would encounter difficulty in gaining access to Riverdale if to defend the Bundanon Homestead against the fire.

Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Paul Fletcher, commended the officers and staff of the Bundanon Trust for acting quickly in protecting and putting the culturally valuable art collection out of harm’s way.

Ms. Ely said the collection is now in a safe storage in Sydney, and will probably remain there until the planned fireproof storage facility at the Riverdale site attains completion.

About the Bundanon Art Collection

The 3,800 items comprising the Bundanon Collection consists of more than 1,300 art works by Arthur Boyd mostly in the context of the Shoalhaven landscaper from which the artist drew inspiration; and more than 1,200 art pieces belonging to five generations of artists of the Boyd family. The collection also includes a number of art works created by Boyd’s contemporaries in the likes of John Perceval, Sidney Nolan, Charles Blackman and Joy Hester.

The Bundanon Trust website, as made possible by an excellent web hosting gold coast provider, gives online visitors opportunities for viewing images of the art pieces comprising the Bundanon Collection.


Things To Know About Virtual Arts Today

Many people who want themselves to various types of arts today, this is because they find it more fun and have an amazing transition. Visual arts transition is just like the transition of the various company offering a lot of services to the people today, just like the trans moving Toronto company.

From before people are the only one who is committed if they want to transfer their huge things to a particular place, but today there is the company like this who would help people in needs with their moving and this could be the best options so far. Likewise, visual arts have gone so far just like our technology as well. There are a lot of social media platforms today that bring visual arts closer to the people, for them to fully understand and at the same time for people to appreciates more. 


Important Details You Should Know About Visual Arts



  • Various factors cause of its Transition. 


Visual arts is about media, as it uses a lot of products of technology to call art. There are many people who would prefer to engage themselves as they prefer to visualize things in the arts. People keep their keen eye on arts as this gives them great feelings but the fact is that the transition today of visual arts is because of culture, history, perceptions by an individual and many more. 


  • Visual arts are becoming universal today. 


There are billions of people around the world and a lot of them join the power of visual arts today. The main reason why this visual art is becoming universal is that more and more people wanted to learn and explore the diversity of arts. 




Visual arts has a lot to offer to every individual, the reason why many people would like to explore this thing. There are many things that an individual need to know about visual arts as the main instrument is technology. There are a lot of technology products that are used for visual arts to fully express by every individual who is working for something. This is the best thing you need to know.


Phone Cases for your Phone!

The unit can be purchased by you if your phone is already damaged thus you want to enhance the look. You might also invest in the case to simply boost the look of the phone if it is not damaged. The case has also been found to be effective in protecting your phone.

Types of phone cases

These come in diff. shapes and come in different sizes. It is up to you to pick the right one for your requirements. There are lots of types you can go for. The most Frequent being hard or silicone cases. It’s for protection so your phone wouldn’t break. If it did, then you should have it fixed ( BREAKFIXNOW ). Furthermore, your case is not that high quality…

The phone is covered by them completely like a sock thus providing the protection that is perfect. The fantastic thing is that they are easy to take care of and aren’t expensive. Their drawback is that they don’t protect your phone and make it hard to access the phone when it is within the sleeve.
  • Shells: Shells are rigid covers made from a sturdy vinyl. Since the unit covers the rear of the phone, it is simple to access buttons and the phone screen. It aids in retaining the slim look of the phone in addition to this unit protecting your phone against bumps. While the instance is great, its chief flaw is that it does not cover the screen the screen isn’t protected. The cover has been proven to be unsuccessful in telephone drops that were inadvertent.

  • Holsters: These components feature a clip which you can attach to a belt. The most common are those, although They’re created from a vast range of materials. The main benefit of the units is that they make it easy for you to get into the phone. The drawback is that they tend to appear bulky and unwieldy.
  • Skins: By their name, these units tightly wrap around the outside of your phone leaving your phone display vulnerable. The skins are made from silicone rubber or vinyl and in addition to providing an increased traction and safeguarding your phone, they play a role in retaining the slim appearance of the phone. The flaw is that they don’t shield the screen. They are ineffective in case of drops.

Virtual Reality Tech to Boost Gaming

PS4, it enhances the consumer’s experience with travel that is absurd. Developers guaranteed to aim on the players, offering the mesmeric and the very best games experiencing high-fidelity graphics. Fortify their boundary degree and play station 4 has not functioned also to blob their imagination.

Sony has come out w/ Play Station VR. Play Station VR prices lower to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Sony has planned to launch its high end virtual reality headset for ps4 from October 2016 at only $399. Though you’re positive to acquire the play channel VR the simple fact is that you require this small and splendid technology to be used by a PS4. Ask for this cool gadget and a ps4 memory card reference this holiday to boost your gaming experience!

Additionally the affordable Sony play station, doesn’t patch up using PS camera inside the cost that is mentioned. You need to poke at your own pocket to get a PS camera 60. However, there’s a bundle launching that buckles headset upward, playroom reality, two controls and PS camera digitl download at $499. Sony promises to launch Play channel VR using 50 gamed. Together with the specification designed and found, play channel VR appears to be great.

Developers has improved RGB sub pixels that were additional in addition to the screen size to smoothen out the pictures. Are you aware the simple fact that if VR works at high refresh rates, strain in your eyes will reduce.

Let zooming being a prime element of reality. Sony, famous for its players found it effortless to grasp the place on the marketplace because of its clarity. Although the other gamers may experience 2D gaming, sony has declared regarding gambling in its play channel VR.

Oculus Rift. Rift prices $599 including taxation bundled alongside few one Xbox controller pad and matches. To compare concerning sound, sound is integrated by Oculus rift to VR with cans as you desire, and they may be swapped. Sony are needing a box that is secondary to encourage play channel the operations of VR. However, in certain flexibility, its venture with Microsoft, Linux and Mac has put in the event of Oculus Rift. Lower are the strain on your eyes, as stated before, and with greater the speeds. Oculus Rift retains a rate lesser, of 90Hz to the play channel VR of Sony.

To discuss layout and the comfort level, in comparison to Sony’s merchandise Oculus rift is mild so it’s comfortable to maintain handedly weighed. Oculus Rift, prevents sporting a headset telephones. Sony wants for a sleek, fashionable and slender model. The cans are Gently placed by Sony in the shape of a helmet, to attain those specifications. This also does not worry their lips and nose anymore and aids the user.


Strength Behind Steroids: Active Arts

There are basically a few arguable reasons why most athletes take time to get some dosages of steroids or at least benefit themselves from taking it. First, it is really effective in making sure they have the best performance in their games.

Well, there have been scandals involving steroids used by sports figures that are frequent— that there are real risks in their health and freedom to gain an edge to the competition. However, such risks there is still outrun the benefits one can get from taking steroids.

Apart from that, when you take and buy anabolic steroids, it does not merely just adds up strength but it also has amazing healing benefits. To know more about this, let’s find out the benefits of taking anabolika kaufen (Stoff Konsum) for athletes. Check this out!

1 It increases muscle strength.

This is very obvious, that both scientifically and anecdotally, a steroid is more often than not to increase muscle strength. This is basically an obvious effect of a high performance-enhancing drug that is anabolic steroids. Some say it is obtained in 6 to 12 weeks, but some testify that it shows significant changes in as early as 3 weeks.


2 Increased body size.

This is one of the reasons why most people who are working out to gain must have to take steroids because it easily helps them gain amazing size in just weeks. Testosterone significantly helps in increasing body weight, bicep girth, and quadriceps circumference. It also helps in tightening everything in there. 


3 Increased healing rate.

Apart from all the performance-enhancing, and weight enhancing that this anabolic steroid helps to do— it also is very good at increasing healing properties. Studies show that it indeed contains repeated references to the use of performance-enhancing drugs for hastening recovery. Basically, athletes who have injuries and back pains can basically lessen the pain due to their intake of steroids, and thus it also helps them heal faster. This is why it is also mostly used by bodybuilders because it helps them conceal the pain while working out. 

4 It is definitely safe.

Well, one thing is only true when you buy bodybuilding steroids, is that it is really determined safe to use. A lot of athletes, old people who have really terrible pain in the back and muscle pains have been using this too. Not only that but most particularly for bodybuilders and people who often workouts, plays basketball and goes to the gym too.


The Art of Body Building Preparation

Preparing for a bodybuilding contest is never an easy journey. As a matter of fact, a contestant must prepare for at least one year. I am watching bodybuilding contest on TV from time to time because my relatives is fond of body building even though they are not that active when it comes to going to the gym. And every time I watch such contest, I always assume that body building and the preparation is easy as it look. However, I am wrong. And I realize it when one of my cousins decided to join a body building contest and I have seen how difficult and challenging it is. From the strict diet, supplements where I even learned how to take Ostarine, and of course the discipline when it comes to working out and regularly going to the gym.

Every time a body builder says “body building is an art and science at the same time”, I already understand him/her. It just simply means that body building requires great amount of creativity. By creativity, I do not mean, being creative in drawing and performing, but being creative in being able come up with and effective and efficient workout and diet strategy.

Looking at Bodybuilding as an Art 

To those who experienced joining a bodybuilding contest, you probably already how hard it is to be fully prepared before joining such contest. I have also mentioned that bodybuilding is a form of art. How come? bodybuilder should see their bodies as sculpture where they must have proportion body parts. Just like painting wherein you should be careful sculpting, you must also be careful when taking supplements to achieve your desired body figure and weight. Always remember that it is always the handwork and consistency that will provide great results.

The Science Behind Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be seen as a form of science. There is experimentation where you must experiment of which type of diet will work for you. For example, you try high protein diet and you notice that it does not work for you, then try another type of diet. Next is research. When joining body building contest, you should conduct proper research to be well informed and knowledgeable on proper nutrition and exercise.


What is the Best Material for an iPhone Case?

Basically, the main function of cell phone cases is to give protection to the phone. Thus, the aesthetics of the phone are being preserve and at the same time reduce the wear and tear of it.

Materials in making the cell phone cases are available in different variety. These materials can also fit in different models or cell phone units like the Coque iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S Plus.

Commonly Used Cell Phone Case Materials

The reason for choosing the appropriate material is widely affected by predisposing factors. Appearance, usability, environment, cost, and protection are the factors that one must have to consider upon choosing the cell phone case materials. To assist you on your decision making process regarding on the best material to use, below is the list of commonly used cell phone case materials.

1. Plastic

This material is the most commonly used because it is budget-friendly and firm kind of material. Aside from protection, plastic cell phone case materials incorporate style and charm to the phone. Moreover, cell phone case plastic material is divided into subcategories – the polyurethane and polycarbonate.

The polyurethane is more inexpensive and easily molded. Due to this, it can be customized to various designs and unique patterns. While the polycarbonate is more durable and comparably stronger. That’s why it is applicable to protect cell phones in contrast to heavy drops.

2. Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a very light material that is comparably stronger than that of a steel. It is produced through weaving process of carbon strands. However, this cell phone case material is expensive due to the sophisticated woven design, durability, and lightweight.

3. Wooden

What’s nice about this material is that it is easily customizable and personalized designs can be engraved on it. Bamboo trees, redwood, and cherry are the most preferred woods being used. Using this material as cell phone case can give you a great artwork which can help you appreciate what visual art is.

4. Leather

The leather material of cell phone case are the classic options which offers elegance and sophisticated style. However, this material do not give much protection whether it is the natural or the synthetic leather type. What it does is to protect the phone from scratches, chipping, and light wear only.

5. Silicone

This is a flexible type of material that can be stretched over the phone. Because of it, the shape and the style of the phone is maintained. Moreover, it protects the phone on low-pressured drops by absorbing shocks.


Different Representations of Art

Art is manifested in different formats. Some of these formats include but not limited to:

  • Animation
  • Architecture
  • Assemblage
  • Calligraphy
  • Ceramics
  • Computer
  • Christian or religious
  • Conceptual
  • Artistic design
  • Drawing
  • Folk
  • Graffiti
  • Graphic
  • Illuminated manuscript
  • Illustration
  • Mosaic
  • Painting
  • Performance
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Stained glass
  • Tapestry and;
  • Video

Well, let us face the fact, it doesn’t end there. Depending on a person, art can be a representation of something. In this modern time however, many artists are seeing video games, yes you read that right “video games” as another form of art.

Believe it or not, these artists who believe in such see that sometime in the future, it is going to be among the biggest mediums of art that humanity ever had right at its disposal.

Come to think of it, there are many ways in which arts can be manifested in it and just among those is the designing of Diablo 2 items in the game, which is indeed intricate. Thinking of themes, finalizing the color structure and combination that will go perfectly within the game and a lot more.

Extending Art into Digital Space

Technology has without a doubt expanded the size of canvas in which artists can paint and show their stories. As a form of art that existed only in digital space, video games are no doubt the clash between science and art. It includes various kinds of conventional artistic expression from illustration, 3D modeling, dynamic music and narrative arcs, all of which are used in creating something that will transcend to any one type.

Culmination of Various Game Aspects into One

Video games are the only media form allowing for the personalization of artistic experience while retaining artist’s authority. Basically in video games, there are three distinctive voices that influence the game itself. These are:

  • The Creator
  • The Game itself and;
  • The Player

Those who are playing the game follow the author’s story that has been created and bound by the rules imposed to the game. But as per the choices made, the overall experience are going to be personal. If you could observe other people’s work and find some sort of connection, then it means that “art” has been achieved.


Why Our Creativity Unleashes in the Shower

Ever since I was a kid, I say to myself that I am not the creative type of person. Until recently when I discovered that I have some creativity inside me that just needs to be unleashed for me discover my full potential. We just have to wait for the right time for it to come.

Ever since then, i find the phrase “I am not that creative” not that believable because I myself was able to prove that each and everyone of us is creative.  Saying such phrase will only down oneself and demotivate other people.

In my case, I found out that I can think creatively when I was in the shower. That day I am thinking about my daughter’s art project and I really want her to come up with something creative. And even though I know myself as someone who is not creative, I still tried my best. And while I was in the middle of my shower and feeling the warmth of the hot shower, I suddenly thought of something for my kid. Well I would say that the hot water from the shower helped a lot because it relaxes me. If you are looking for ways to have a more relaxing showering time, I am afraid it will not be this post but 10HighTech will probably help you with the type of water heater to buy.

Why do you think that showers help us produce creative ideas. It is because it keeps us away from distractions and it helps us stay in deep focus. It not only helps us be more creative, but gives us me time to focus on ourselves- future plans, work, school, family. Basically what we are gonna do with out life for the next week, months, or years. It helps re evaluate the thing we have accomplished, and what still needs to be done.

In case the same thing happens to you, do not easily jump into conclusion that it is not a good one because you thought of it in the shower. Most of time great ideas come out of nowhere – car, park, mall, and watching your favorite TV series.




“The Deep Listener”- Experience the Sights and Sounds of Kensington Garden in Augmented Reality

“The Deep Listener” is an inaugural project that was undertaken by Danish artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen for the Serpentine Galleries Augmented Architecture programme.

Developed in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, Steensen takes viewers on a guided virtual tour of the Kensington Gardens at Hyde Park. to see and hear up close, by way of a downloadable audio-visual app, London Plane Trees and reedbeds spread around Kensington Garden, along with species of bats, parakeets, and stalked-wing Azure Blue damselflies.

The Danish artist remixed a landscape and created simulations that will appear on screens as a visual art of apparition-like forms in a real ecological environment. Through the “The Deep Listener” app, they will be able to see up close a swarm of bats flying and changing directions, whilst communicating their location in murmurations.

Nearby is a plane tree that the augmented reality delivers like a monstrous living organism, to which the yellow and green colours of parakeets stretch out like a ribbon.

Using “The Deep Listener” App to View the Serpentine Galleries’ Augmented Reality Landscape

“The Deep Listener” app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, vian iPhone 6s and above or on Android 8.0 or later models. Devices running on Android OS must have ARCore support to make the programme work.

Prior to opening the app, be sure to turn on the sound or use headphones for a better appreciation of the Augmented Reality (AR) audio. Activating the app will enable users to see and hear the sights and sounds of the landscape architecture within, or away from the Serpentine Galleries. The experience though will slightly differ when viewing away from Serpentine, since a smaller version of each AR species will be in view.

  • A map will appear upon activation of the app, which viewers can use in navigating the augmented ecological trail.
  • Upon reaching the correct location, take notice of the orbs marking the plane tree.
  • Tap on the orb to start the audiovisual experience
  • Once you arrive at the correct location, the orb on the plane tree will glow on your screen.
  • Touching the orb allows the app user to connect with the view and the soundscape; whilst moving around will change the sound, rhythm and tempo in response to one’s movement.
  • Continue to use the map to explore the virtual landscape by tapping every orb marking each location where the rest of the species can be found. Once the orb glows, it denotes that the AR land and soundscapes have been triggered.

The Art in Playing Basketball

Basketball as a Worldwide Sport

Basketball is a game loved by a lot of people, especially men. It is actually the second most popular sports all over the world, next to soccer. There are people who still wonder why many people are addicted to sports. Basketball enthusiasts were asked the same question, and they said that “it is always exciting to play on the court and aim for that hoop. Also, basketball is not just some type of sport that helps you kill time, it is a sport that will teach you a lot of values such as coping well with your teammates, following the coach, and of course leadership”. This is the common answer among people who play basketball and even those who are fan of playing basketball.

The popularity of basketball can also be seen in schools and universities that incorporate the said sport to the subject Physical Education. This is because basketball and other sports teaches skills that cannot be taught inside the classroom. But if you think that you want to learn more basketball skills and tips, you can try looking for a in ground basketball guide

Art of Defense in Basketball

Basketball is not only about playing, learning new skills, and acquiring values, but also about art. Art in basketball can be clearly seen when players are in defense. But of course, players should really be in a great shape and condition in order to play the game properly and change it from offense to defense.

For every basketball athlete to execute smooth defense, he/she must know how to play in full grace under pressure, while thinking critically for every step he/she will make.  Most viewers think that playing basketball looks easy, but the truth is that, players go through a lot of intense practice and conditioning to achieve a certain title.

During basketball practice, players are trained properly on how to defend against the opponent. Another art of this is that when players are in the court and they have to think of a strategy especially when things got turned out not the way the team planned it.




Device for Paintball Art

Device for Paintball art

The unit is easy printer applications controlled by robotics that may burst colour images into your wall by a distance of about 40 feet far. It functions just like a normal paintball gun, you’ll be able to buy from Amazon. This works on printers that create images applying a lot of ink dots. Now, instead of ink and printhead cartridges, consider a printer that works on different kinds of colored barrels for paintball loaded to the paintball gun.  This is the apparatus that has new functions.

So that guests may see them whenever they create artwork this robot offers wall surfaces with colour. The program for this device may be utilized being signals suggesting freshwater solutions, hazard areas, and so forth. Signs can be conveyed in locations that were public.

A revised paintball tagger attached into a two-axis turntable generates the printhead. You might have guessed this is. However, you can search Google with the title due to their own invention of the German Trio. And you are able to put an order.

Paintball Art To Look out for

Envision creating some art but you do not have sufficient creative skills or time to really apply any idea concept? No need to stress, because the Korean founders developed a job to permit you to share in the creating of paintball artwork. Download the program and take charge of the touch display.

The Korean innovation is known as Crowdraw and this involves shooting electronic paintballs in a wall arrangement inside a digital set on cellular phones. Splatterings will be duplicated IRL in a photograph gallery in Seoul within the same place which you’ve taken them with the program to make bigger work engaged by many.

If you want to share in the participatory art, then you might download the program available for Android and iPhone and start firing away. The program may provide you a photo of this part delivered to you by the moment to update you about the paintball-Pollock.


The Art of Buying Replica Watches

What’s so wrong about buying luxury replica watches anyway?

Obviously, replicas are not so bad. In fact, they are way too good for you actually. Instead of spending thousands for an original Cartier, why not spend a little on a replica which looks exactly the same with it?

The world needs to see the open reality that people who wear replica designer watches are an acceptable form of classism. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollar to buy an original Cartier just so the world can accept you. Luxury is not for everyone, but class and style is.

In today’s blog let’s take on a more serious talk on why buying best replica watches isn’t a bad thing at all.

Replica Watches are Practical

This blog doesn’t discourage you from buying real designer watches. Instead, it is an opener for some people that it is okay to not buy real luxurious watches, it is okay to not afford it, it is okay to be on a tight budget. It is okay to not be able to wear something that is original.

Let’s take this few reasons why replica watches are ideal for people, like you, who are on a tight budget and who can’t merely spend luxury to impress the world. With that, take hype smart watch review for a bit of advice or if you wanted an affordable techy watch.

1 It is a total discount

If you are someone who refuses to pay so much for just a watch, then you are sure that replicas are for you— the best alternative and dupe to Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe and a lot more. However, it is true that original luxurious watches are really a good investment that will last your lifetime.

2 Good quality

A replica is far more different from fake. Fake is real troll items made effortless just so for the sake that it can be traded or sell for locals. Replicas aren’t closed to a thing as such.

The best replica watches are actually made by the best watchmakers with keen details on the design and finishing— making it seem like the original 99% as possible. Which is why a lot of replica items have minimal to no differences at all. Except for the weight and the materials used.



How to Make Creative Marketing Videos on Tik Tok

Are you looking for the latest video marketing tips?

When doing video marketing, adaptability and flexibility are important. Trends tend to change quickly and those that were popular last year may not be as effective now. People are always on the lookout for new technologies, trends, and even interests. These interests must be addressed and taken into a factor in order to give consumers a good experience when marketing through videos. 

This means that to achieve success online, you must be able to provide good content that can tap into these ever-changing interests. In this blog post, we will discuss video marketing tips to create content that is up-to-date with trends, just like with that of Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok for Business

Many businesses fail in getting the attention of their audience within the span of a few minutes. Which is why using Tiktok is an advantage, with the only 15-seconds short video requirement you can already get people so hooked to you. 

Thus, there are still many reasons for this, with the main one being a lack of knowledge of the platforms and trends. Preventing this situation from happening to you is the goal of today’s discussion. So before you buy tik tok followers and likes, read on this first to learn about video marketing tips for your business.

Use Live Streamed Videos to Advertise

Either Instagram or Facebook, you can use this to promote your upcoming tik tok videos, it’s like giving your audience something to look forward to. Also, because it is good to take advantage of the rise in the popularity of live streaming. This brought out various strategies on how users can promote themselves or their business through this method, such as: 

  • Commentaries,
  • Challenges,
  • Tutorials,
  • Suggestions,
  • Q&A sessions,
  • Behind the shootings,


Live streaming increases the number of audiences as people exhibit more interest and curiosity towards live videos than record ones. However, there are certain actions that need to be taken before going live to ensure success.

Prior to Live Streaming… 

Be sure to prepare your scripts, props, guests, etc. Don’t forget to rehearse. Messing up your live event might portray a lack of professionalism. Make sure that your event is properly promoted. Regardless of how prepared you are, it will all come to naught if you don’t have an audience.

Lastly, start your event on time. Failing to do so will surely disappoint viewers, and could result in losing a few. 

Try Immersive 360º Videos

Due to the increased popularity of VR (Virtual Reality) platforms. In a 360º video, users can tilt their device around on mobile while desktop users use their mouse to see angles.

Provide an interesting and engaging content to successfully market a business on tik tok. With that said, consider using the immersive 360º videos to attract interest to your content. 

Adopt AR and VR 

Along with the 360º videos, businesses should adopt VR and AR (Augmented Reality). They should also be able to provide a rich, immersive, and interactive experience for users. 

Using VR or AR will undoubtedly increase engagement. Through either of these, your audience becomes both content consumers and content creators.


Window Painting for Shops

Why paint Is a Great Alternative — You will discover that there are tactics, In case you choose to incorporate paint on your window screen. It’s a method to add dimension. This is why you need to give it a try:

  1. you are able to mix and match paint colors to produce the colour you’re searching for. There are not any limitations on the colors which is not true with different materials like cloth and paper. The Window Woman clarified that paint might be permanent, so be sure before beginning to read the labels.
  2. Do not have enough time to create a design for the shop screens? Use the info to be written by a window marker. So that you can add personal touches those come in a range of colours.
  3. Since you are able to wash off the paint, it is super easy to modify your window screens. Additionally, it may be less costly than using props, especially.

Adding paint into your arsenal of screen design tools signifies you have fresh chances to engage the neighborhood along with your fans on social media. You might choose to contact to student groups that are local whether they want to paint a window to find out. Assessing the offer into artwork club or a Girl Scout troop is an excellent way appreciates the community which supports it. Reach out to individuals of all ages together with your Instagram, Twitter or even Facebook accounts. Take advantage of style competitions, the winner has to create their vision and where folks submit their thoughts to be organized by these platforms.

Hints for retailers

  • Planning: It is very important to wash off the surface Beforehand, according to the Window Woman. It is possible to use glass of products that state that they repel water or dirt, since paint may be repelled by them . Be sure to wipe down the windows so that there are not any stripes. EZ Window solutions ( ) — they give a wide range of windows you can paint on. Check them out.
  • Acrylic: This really is a superb selection for painting on glass, particularly if you’re thinking about implementing it to the exterior of this window. It is recommended sticking to steer clear of paint and pitching your materials that were older. It is very likely to be much more transparent than the selection, although It is possible to discover tempera.

Along with window markers, dry erase markers work beautifully on glass if you would like to display words instead of images.

  • Brushes: It is almost impossible to use paint brushes onto your own window and have it seem streak-free if the light shines on it. You may use a roller brush, if you are painting a large area. Foam brushes are a fantastic choice for segments.

It is possible to use glass or water cleaner to wet the window, then allow it to boil for a moment or 2. Scrape the paint off it must come off easily wash out the window as normal. Acrylic is much more challenging to eliminate, but it is also an opportunity for window screens.


Buying Artworks for the First Time

For both aspiring and new art collectors, going to auctions be a great way of penetrating the industry. Auction salesroom caters the public and new breed of bidders are all welcome. With the growing number of digital auction platforms over the web, it’s never been simpler to make bids online. Among the best things when it comes to buying artworks from auction is the abundance of information available. You can get to know pretty much anything you think of from:

·         Exhibition History

·         Details about Provenance

·         Condition and;

·         Price

When you in the auction whether it is online or in actual building, it is quite tempting to place orders of various artworks. Remember this, before making a purchase, it is synonymous to finding the best vacuum for carpet – reviews and buyer’s guide. Meaning to say, you need to be vigilant and careful with your decision.

It is extremely important to follow guidelines to ensure that you would only make a smart purchase and in return, turn it into an investment.

Take Time Reading the Fine Print

Majority of the artworks you’ll see at auctions are offered on secondary market. This means that it was under someone’s possession before. Don’t think about it as a drawback. Because it can actually amp up the value of the artwork as the history adds value to the object. This is true especially if the previous owner was a known institution or prestigious art collector.

Auction houses normally include condition reports if there’s a need for one but it is the buyer’s discretion to read it. If ever you were not able to see one, then don’t be afraid to ask. With more historical works, it is vital to know as well that they’ve been documented via proper channels and medium throughout time.

Act Natural

Trying to blend in a room filled with veteran and experienced bidders moving at fast pace could be intimidating. But it is something that should not faze you. Though try to act normal. Feeling nervous throughout the time that you’re in the auction will do no good. So keep that in mind.




What is the Mental Health Benefits of Art Therapy

Art, regardless of whether you watch and revel in it or just decide to make it yourself, is an inspirational and relaxing activity for a lot of men and women. On the other hand, the advantages of saying go than pleasure and comfort. Studies indicate that art therapy can be quite beneficial in treating problems like depression, stress, post-traumatic anxiety disease, and some phobias. You may also read on ePsych Billing for more information about mental health billing. It’s an excellent way to seek relief, procedure feelings and to convey your emotions with no words. We go over its health benefits and will have a better look.

What’s Art Therapy?

Art therapy may be described in a lot of ways, however, the easiest approach is a program of the arts at a context. So as to experience a number of the advantages of expression, you do need to find a therapist. There are lots of straightforward actions you can try to do out of the comfort of your house like art journaling, drawing, creating collages, sculpting with clay, etc.. It does not matter. Is that you feel comfortable with it.

Working with a therapist has its own benefits because each action can be tailored by a specialist. When the actions are finished in a class, they’re great for building relations with different men and women, which might be quite useful if you’re currently combating with depression. The issue that is significant is you ought to try artwork treatment in case you would like it. As speaking expressing yourself could be at times debilitating and self-revealing. Therefore, in the event that you do not feel prepared to attempt it, this is fine.

Who should try Art Therapy?

Anybody who feels overwhelmed or helpless ought to strive for artwork treatment. You will be given an opportunity to slow down and research by artwork that is creating. Art therapy enhances the psychological health of individuals that are managing addictions, stress, eye disorders, grief and loss, dementia, and depression, eating disorders, bodily disorder, PTSD, injury, relationship difficulties and a whole lot more.

Art therapy isn’t about discovering meaning and relationship in your mental health, about turning into a fantastic artist but considering that the focus is on the procedure rather than the solution. For it’s a willingness to experiment, Whatever you will require.

Mental Health Benefits of Art Therapy Tasks

Art therapy may be utilized as a compliment. The intention is to manage behaviors, procedure feelings, and reduce anxiety and stress, and boost self-esteem.

  • Self-discovery: Developing artwork will be able to help you admit and comprehend feelings which have been lurking on your mind.
  • Self-esteem: This procedure will provide you a sense of self-accomplishment that could be quite beneficial to boost your self-appreciation and assurance.
  • Emotional discharge: The best advantage of the art treatment is providing you a wholesome outlet for expressing and letting go of your emotions and anxieties. Emotions like anger or sadness occasionally can’t be expressed using words. You need release, although Whenever you cannot express yourself, making artwork might assist you to get it done.
  • Anxiety relief: Struggling stress, melancholy or psychological trauma can be quite stressful for you mentally and emotionally. Creating art may be utilized to ease tension and unwind the body and your mind.

It is important to be aware that you don’t need to become a gifted artist to be able to try out art treatment. Human beings are imaginative, and everything you want to do in order to finish an art treatment activity would be, to be truthful with your own emotions. As soon as you unleash your imagination, your internal artist will wake up.

Studies show that producing art stimulates the release of serotonin. If we do something gratifying this compound is discharged, and it makes us feel happier. Levels of the neurotransmitter that is feel-good can be useful if you’re currently battling with depression or anxiety.

Emotional health professionals and specialists concur that art therapy has many positive aspects, from fostering your self-esteem, also supplying you a secure outlet to alleviate your emotions, thereby providing you an idea of control over your own life and assisting one to get to know and know yourself. You will take on a trip of self-discovery which can allow you to find out how to communicate with others and yourself and eliminate roadblocks.



“The Imaginary Line” : A Short Yet Powerful Documentary Symbolizing the Connection between Two Lands and Their People

As news about the funding issue over president Donald Trump’s border wall project, became a controversial political issue in January 2019, an American filmmaker named Kylor Melton from Oregon and a Texan slackliner named Corbin Kunst, came together to develop a plan for creating artwork that would dramatically link the United States to Mexico by way of a slackline over and across the Rio Grande.

Slacklining is a sport that became popular during the 80s. It is different from the more widely known tightrope walking, which uses flat webbing instead of cable wire that allows the line to bounce. Kunst, who has been slacklining for years said he considers the activity a team sport, since one has to literally put his trust and his life at the hands of the rigging team. That is why he thought of slacklining as a truly powerful symbol for a visual art piece, since art for Kunst, is one of the greatest sources of inspiration from which people can draw motivation to remain resilient and resistan.

Filmmaker Melton convinced the Texan slackliner that the time was ripe for them to make Kunst’s dream of an art piece a reality. As debates and the partial government shutdown continued, the pair worked on their plan of action. It was important not only to have a slackliner to represent each country but also to have rigging teams working on lines for their country’s representative slackliner. The idea was to depict the need for connection and collaboration at a time when Trump persisted on the need to construct a border wall barrier.

The Making of the “The Imaginary Line”

The necessary permits were secured, and lawyers were consulted to ensure that everything was within legal boundaries.

The Mexican and U.S. teams of highline experts met somewhere at the Rio Grande river. They then paddled together until they reached Santa Elena Cavern, where both teams worked together in rigging a 300-ft long slackline, 500 feet in the air, connected to the 1,500-ft tall cliffs next to the cavern.

On the last day of the 35-day shutdown in January 25, 2019, Mexican slackliner Jamie Maruffo from the Mexican side, made the precarious crossing via the slackline above the Rio Grande. Corbin Kunst as the U.S. representative followed. Both men were tethered to the line for safety purposes.

Filmmaker Melton recalls the moment when the slackliner from Texas declared that for the first time in his years of engaging in the sport, slacklining held a meaning that went beyond himself.


Kylor Melton said

“I don’t know if there could be a more powerful symbol of connection between two lands and between two people

“The Imaginary Line” debuted at the 5Point Film Festival in Colorado. According to Melton, he was overwhelmed and at the same time humbled by the reactions and the way people connected to the simple idea of the film. The Oregon filmmaker hopes that as a piece of art, it will spark conversation and encouragement in the audiences to engage with these particular issues.


Six Key Reasons Why You Should Introduce Art And Music To Your Kids

Arts and music are crucial for the younger generation. Whether they experience art and music at school or through private or perhaps community lessons and classes, the benefits are amazing. The exposure to art and music gives more than a creative place for kids; they offer mental, psychological, and educational rewards plus more.

It is in this area that adults involved in music are in fact great thinkers and this includes professional DJs. It is in this angle that they gain respect from the community that an effort to provide the best speakers for a DJ is set out when they are invited as guests or even as performers.

Here are six good reasons why kids require arts and music

Music Greatly Improves Young Minds

Immersing kids in music can certainly help increase their mental ability. Music induces the areas of the brain connected with academic accomplishments, such as reading and comprehension, mathematics, and emotional growth. Rather than looking at music as an exceptional extracurricular activity, consider it as a general area of the child’s certification.

Art Increases Educational Achievement

Students active in the artistry have huge academic benefits when compared with students without interest in arts. The arts motivate children to stand out in and out of the four corners of the class. It allows students to remain in school, raises motivation, enhances behavior and attendance, and helps improve educational performance.

Music Strengthens The Memory

Do you want your children to remember their homework projects, to be more organized and responsible in their day to day chores? Music could help. Studies have revealed that involvement in music from a young age can help boost memory. Involving your children to music at the beginning of development leads them towards learning word sounds and its meanings. Dancing allows them to build motor skills. Also, adults can improve and retain a good memory just by listening to good music they prefer.

Music Enhances Social Abilities

It’s not just team sports activities that train important interpersonal skills; playing an instrument will help, too. Music groups and ensembles can help kids develop important presentation skills including teamwork, producing leadership expertise, discipline, as well as how to relate to other folks.

Art and Music Develops Skills in Critical Thinking

The creativity involved with art education strengthens crucial thinking knowledge for kids. The art in drawing (as one example) develops visual-spatial skills. This allows kids how to translate and make use of visual info.

A study shows that 3-4 years olds learning how to play the piano obtained significantly higher scores in reasoning and spatial-temporal assessments when compared with individuals without music exposure. This type of reasoning test is preparation to logical and abstract thinking as well as solving problems which are essential for the brain to function well in the areas of mathematics, architecture, and physics.

Music and Art Helps Improve Self-Confidence

As children develop abilities in artwork and music and boost those talents through repeating and practice, they build confidence. Studies have demonstrated that when youngsters take part in activities (involving arts) with peers and supply criticism and praise to each other, the opinions they give to one another builds personal respect.

Immersing kids in the disciplines and music, at home, through lessons, in school and the community, provides undeniable rewards that will help them through their lives.