Artistic Vandals Concept

The artwork of vandals have symbolism, significance, and concept, as well as making social and political commentary statements.

Vandals are already part of society and a cultural role of art.

How Art is Perceived By its Artists?

Street art or vandals use different kinds of mediums or techniques: graffiti artwork, sticker art, stencil graffiti, street poster, etc. which you can find only in the streets leaving the same kind of message like feelings, emotions and political issues, where people can assess and admire the works of art. Street art is a kind of rebellious act but not purposefully destructive as there is an intent to beautify in the environment.

For Your Reference

These are some concept of Artistic Vandals:

  • Public Art – refers to art presented in a public space regardless it has been purchased with public or private money. Public art can often be used as a political tool. Monument and memorials and sculptures are the forms of public art.
  • Graffiti Art – refers to drawing or writing painted on a wall or other surface, typically uses spray paint.
  • Installation Art – refers to three-dimensional works that use large-scale mixed-media construction usually designed to transform the perception of space for a specific place or for a temporary period of time.