Painting on an oversized canvas has its fair share of joys and pressure. At times, it is the enjoyment of doing loose styles on big sized projects and at times, the subject is too demanding to be painted on a huge canvas.

Trade Secrets for Painting on Big Canvas

If you’re dreaming to paint on scale this big but not that confident to proceed, stick on as you’re about to discover useful tips to help you out. So what are these tips exactly?

If you’ve got large canvas to work on, then the very first thing that has to be done is decide whether you will paint the subject using the same scale you often do or paint it at a bigger scale. This is important to give your work direction on what you really want to achieve. It prevents working on something just for the sake of finishing the project.

As a matter of fact, painting on a big canvas is the perfect opportunity to work with different kinds of brushes than what you are used to. This is actually opens up new opportunity on your end as an artist to grow and try other painting styles and techniques.