Bikes as Form of Art


That connection is based on purpose, naturally, but architects have shown that beauty can come from work. The famous American architect Louis Sullivan coined the expression form follows function, he brought from the writings of the Roman architect and architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, who announced that a structure has to be strong, useful, and beautiful. These 3 adjectives perfectly describe the contemporary bike. Check out ebikes under 1000 to learn more different affordable bikes.

Using Bicycle as Medium for Artists

No wonder, then, the bicycle has become a medium for artists, starting from the early 20th century, as it was a sign of societal and technological advancement. Nowadays, with the bike longer existing in culture than previously, it’s used by artists in an assortment of ways, for example, an item of beauty.

The modern Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei, that has shown his sculptures and installations in museums across the world, such as at Prague’s National Gallery, has regularly used the bike in his job. Along with admiring its proper beauty, Ai Weiwei seems to use his bike installations to state just how authoritarian political systems create conformist people in an identical way to the mass manufacturing of bicycles.

The job was practical and officially interesting, and it tried to say something about the issue of all of the trash that’s plaguing our world and one approach to take care of it yes, re-cycling. Saatchi Art offers available over 1,000 works by emerging artists from all over the globe where the bike is the principal topic, for example, Taliah Lempert’s oil painting Dave’s Eisentraut on Pink, which people may buy for $3,410.

In reality, Ms. Lempert is a bike artist exclusively, along with her many and quite varied pictures of the favorite two-wheeler. Among the very best public works of art utilizing bikes was made for the British city of woking for the street race of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, which passed throughout the municipality. For the job, the artist Sara Holmes and 5,000 school children produced a peloton of 50 willow cyclists across the road of their race.

At length, bicycle components also have been used creatively with quite a few musicians, not one more ingeniously than the South Korean series sculptor Seo Young-Deok, that utilizes bicycle chains to make big, visually stunning functions, like The Thinker. Additionally, the perfectly appointed firm Bike Furniture Design utilizes bicycle and bike components to make surprisingly creative furniture, which means that when inside and from the saddle, people will still be on the bicycle.