The Art of Body Building Preparation

Preparing for a bodybuilding contest is never an easy journey. As a matter of fact, a contestant must prepare for at least one year. I am watching bodybuilding contest on TV from time to time because my relatives is fond of body building even though they are not that active when it comes to going to the gym. And every time I watch such contest, I always assume that body building and the preparation is easy as it look. However, I am wrong. And I realize it when one of my cousins decided to join a body building contest and I have seen how difficult and challenging it is. From the strict diet, supplements where I even learned how to take Ostarine, and of course the discipline when it comes to working out and regularly going to the gym.

Every time a body builder says “body building is an art and science at the same time”, I already understand him/her. It just simply means that body building requires great amount of creativity. By creativity, I do not mean, being creative in drawing and performing, but being creative in being able come up with and effective and efficient workout and diet strategy.

Looking at Bodybuilding as an Art 

To those who experienced joining a bodybuilding contest, you probably already how hard it is to be fully prepared before joining such contest. I have also mentioned that bodybuilding is a form of art. How come? bodybuilder should see their bodies as sculpture where they must have proportion body parts. Just like painting wherein you should be careful sculpting, you must also be careful when taking supplements to achieve your desired body figure and weight. Always remember that it is always the handwork and consistency that will provide great results.

The Science Behind Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be seen as a form of science. There is experimentation where you must experiment of which type of diet will work for you. For example, you try high protein diet and you notice that it does not work for you, then try another type of diet. Next is research. When joining body building contest, you should conduct proper research to be well informed and knowledgeable on proper nutrition and exercise.