Forth Coming

Art isn’t just bound in traditional paintings and canvas. The innovations and developments in technology opened new methods and techniques in working on art projects.

Fact is, one of the recent trends in art is the installation of digital arts. This has changed the landscapes among artists themselves and viewers. As a matter of fact, digital arts are more interactive and immersive compared to traditional arts. It makes audience to feel that they’re part of the art itself.

Contemporary Art is Digitalism

Through digital arts, both designers and artists were able to play and have fun with both worlds (real & virtual). Be it physical participation, touch as well as social interaction, all of these are part of digital art movement. It is because of this very reason why more and more galleries and museums are following the trend. They are retrofitting their facilities with new technology and digital art devices to suit and build new exhibition that can deliver exceptional digital art projections and installation.

These aren’t just some made up stories. These are real events that are happening today. If you are in New York, you might want to visit Museum of the Moving Image where it uses digital art projections and interactive installations that are spread across the museum.

Another good example is the Microsoft’s sleek Swiss headquarters. It was designed with astonishing digital projects with central black glass wall allowing its staff to have presentations on the fly using Microsoft’s very own web tools.