Art Modeling Job – Increasing Your Chances of Getting Hired as an Art Model

A popular job that many young women in universities take on to augment their education money, is to pose as a model for art classes or a group of artists. While the job may seem easy for those who think they have the looks and figure, many found out that it takes more than an attractive physical appearance or perfect physique to get hired as a visual art model.

The Basics of an Art Modeling Job

Art class students and visual artists who need a realistic reference for a human figure in creating an art work, hire art models for such purpose. However, when interviewing applicants, the art class or group coordinator look for individuals who can also inspire in ways similar to traditional muses. Without muses, famous artists might have not succeeded in creating a piece of art that is up to know is widely appreciated.

That being the case, those aspiring to become art models must exude the confidence of being works of art themselves. That way, they won’t have inhibitions when posing in manners that a class or group of figure painters, sculptors or photographers envision as the best way to artistically depict the theme of their art project. Nonetheless, while the idea of getting work as an art model is very appealing to many undergrad students, they still need to make school work, their priority.


What do Visual Artists Look for in Art Models

When applying for an art modeling job, it is important to know beforehand the responsibilities of an art model. Knowing what the job expects from you can increase your chances of getting hired, although it will still depend on the results of the job interview and the audition that you will go through as part of the application process.

As model for an art class or for a group of professional artists, you are expected to assume different poses or maintain facial expressions for an extended period, usually 25 minutes at the most at a time, between poses or breaks. Keep in mind that any shift in positions can change certain contours or cast a different shadow, making it difficult for the artists to correctly draw, paint, sculpt or photograph your model form.

Other factors that can help you land an art modeling job is to present a portfolio of previous art modeling jobs you completed. In addition to your portfolio, favorable recommendations from the person/s who organized the art modeling class or session you completed will make you a strong candidate for the job.

Not all applicants though will be shortlisted for the audition process as the art project may have some specific physical and facial features as requirements. Generally though, those who pass the firs stage of the application process possess attributes that make them attractive enough to pose as a subject for an art work.

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