Regular Workout And Exercise Boosts Creativity

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Regular Workout And Exercise Boosts Creativity

Indeed, having regular exercise and maximizing it will help you lose body fat as well add muscles to your body. However, aside from the noticeable physical benefits, regular exercise or workout could have some surprising psychological advantages as well. Researches reveal that exercise could aid in decreasing stress and depression, and even improve memory. But, perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of exercise is that it could incite creativity.

A research reveal that people who carry out regular exercise do better on assessments of creativity compared to their peers who have a more sedentary lifestyle. Particularly, researchers have noted that exercising on a regular basis appears to be linked with enhanced divergent as well as convergent thinking, both of which are regarded as two crucial elements of creative thinking. Divergent thinking entails thinking of numerous solutions/answers to a single problem, whereas convergent thinking is coming up with a single solution/answer for a problem. With that, if you are looking for a creativity boost, you can go for a run or a simple walk or perhaps try other exercises.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT exercises is a combination of endurance and resistance training, which are proven to heighten memory as well as cognition that enhances creativity. A neurotrophic factor derived from the brain is also boosted which encourages cell growth in the brain as well as accelerate the process of learning.


Weight-lifting isn’t just about lifting weights, it also necessitates some brain power. The heart is strengthened when lifting weights and where flow of blood towards the brain is also improved resulting to enhanced capacity for creative thinking. Moreover, making use of brain power allows you to concentrate on doing the appropriate weight-lifting technique and form, sharpens the brain, as well as enhance your capability to think and come up with solutions to problems when working in the creative field.


Yoga benefits both the body and mind, which allows the flow of creative inspiration by means of movement, breath, and energy. Yoga teaches you to clear your mind of undesirable energy and noise and make space for new ideas, thought, and inspiration anchored in the present.