Mikey Georgeson Recent Works

The 7 artists that you will find in this post are emerging artists that are producing masterpieces projected to shoot in value in the following years.

Budding Artists You Should Be Spending Your Money on

While there’s no guarantee when it comes to art investments, these individuals have promising talent that even seasoned and known artists have shown interests with their works.

Number 1. Igor Bleischwitz

Igor had tons of both group and solo shows in Switzerland and Germany. His artwork has been featured in various galleries including DieWerbefläche (Zurich), Kunstraum Foth (Freiburg im Breisgau) and Subjectobject Gallery (Berlin).

Number 2. Liviu Mihai

Liviu is actually a recipient of Gaudeamus Award for Painting. This is for her work from Romexpo in Bucharest. She was additionally a runner-up for being the Best Artist at Oxford International Art Fair back in 2014.

Number 3. Jenny Lundgren

Jenny acquired her MFA from University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She already had exhibitions in multiple counties such as Austria, Netherlands and Sweden.

Number 4. Mike Carney

Mike graduated from The School of Arts Institute of Chicago and was been featured as well in Juxtapoz Magazine and New American Paintings.

Number 5. Natalia Trivino

Her work was once exhibited in the UK, Australia and Colombia to which she’s artist-in-residence at The Florence Trust in London.

Number 6. Scott Everingham

Scott was able to earn his MFA from University of Waterloo. At the same time, he’s a semifinalist in both 11th and 12th Royal Bank of Canada Paintings Competitions.

Number 7. Cody Bayne

Cody has a specialty in renewal and urban decay. Not to mention, he has skills and knowledge in commercialism and gentrification that’s part of day to day experience in Los Angeles.m