Harry Pye Statement

Art has a big influence in the society. This is so by instilling values, translating experiences and changing opinions across time and space. According to research, it showed that art is affecting the very foundation of oneself.

How Art is Perceived in Different Societies?

Fact is, there are various manifestation of the collective memory of a society in the form of arts. This includes but not limited to:

  • Music
  • Literature
  • Painting and;
  • Sculpture

Art has this unique capability of preserving things that fact based records can’t. In this instance, art serves as a form of communication by allowing people of different race, culture and time to communicate through other images, stories and sounds. Oftentimes, art act as channel for social change. It is giving voice to either socially or politically disenfranchise.

Believe it or not, a novel, song or film could rouse emotions in those who have encountered it. Thus, inspiring them to seek change.

Connection between Humans and Art

For a long time, researchers and experts are thrilled to discover the correlation between human brain and art. Like for example, a 2013 research from Newcastle University has found that seeing modern visual art brings positive impact on elders living in nursing homes.

“Art is beneficial for artists themselves as it serves as an outlet. It fosters human needs for fulfillment and self-expression and at the same time, economically viable.”

This is according to the National Art Education Association has pointed out that.