If You’re a Piece of Art, In Which Art Era Do You Belong?


If you are to be a form of art based on your zodiac sign, which art period would you belong and what will you reflect? Zodiac art has gained popularity, as the interpretations of planet alignment along with the Sun and other elements in the galaxy, provides a narrative that can inspire and motivate believers.

Anyway, certain traits found in each zodiac seem to have connections to art pieces created during a specific art era. However, we atonly want to show a fun way by which zodiac signs can be linked to different aspects of life


If you are an Aries art, you might have belonged to the mid-18th century neoclassical art movement. People born under the Aries sign are not afraid to speak what is on their mind and stand up for their beliefs.


Being an earth sign, a Taurus art work can be connected to the era of Impressionism since both art and period exude serenity and beauty. Individuals born under the astrological sign Taurus are often seen as lackadaisical, but often times, have their own way of achieving success.


A Gemini is someone who is social, he or she is always cheerful, curious, and expressive just like the art of the Rococo era. However, people with this astrological sign struggle to put up a serious countenance when and where the occasion calls for them to behave in such manner .


Post-Impressionism is a perfect match for a Cancer-inspired art piece as this sign is sentimental, goal-driven, and intuitive. They are often seen as very emotional individuals but that particular trait enables them to understand how others feel.


Leo individuals are passionate, committed and warm-hearted. Just like the masterpieces created by the Renaissance artists who revolutionized the art world, Leos puts a lot of energy to their creations and take pride for having created something laboriously


Similar to Ancient Roman Art, Virgos are nature lovers that take great value in adding details to their creations. Although they sometimes take it too far, to the point of perfectionism.


Libras are romantic, social, and are moved mostly by love, beauty, and penchant for the aesthetics. This artistic style was quite popular during the period of Romanticism. Libras main motivating force for their creatives is in making something extraordinarily beautiful.


Scorpios are full of courage and passion that they often become natural leaders who value intimacy and loyalty. Their dynamism as individuals are popular elements found in baroque art that is characterized by applications of vigorous energy and progressive actions.


People with Sagittarius as their astrological sign are free-spirited, and sociable behaviors common during the era of Modernism. Sagittarius gals and guys love to travel so they can learn more about different people and cultures.


Capricorns are disciplined, thoughtful, and great at taking initiatives, traits typical of the artists from the Edo art period. However, they are ambitious but experience difficulty in asking for assistance when needed.



Aquarius people are happiest when they succeed in solving problems or creating masterpieces mainly because they are very imaginative and idealistic, Such traits were common during the period of Surrealism when artworks of unusual and unnerving images became popular.


Known for being naturally artistic, Pisces men and women are generally compassionate and intuitive. Such traits had spurred the Neo-expressionism art movement when artists were characterized as intensely expressive people. A Pisces work of art that is empathetic whilst conveying other people’s feelings would fit perfectly during the period of Neo-expressionism where art was the preferred channel for expressing creative ideas.