How to Be Artsy At Home


DIY home decoration typically means decoration on a budget. After all, most of us wouldn’t take the trouble to do it all ourselves if we could afford to just hire a professional. 

That doesn’t mean DIY home decoration needs to look cheap, however. It can be done for much less than it would cost to hire an interior decorator, but it can still produce great results… if you know what you’re doing. 

Tips to Home Decorating

We all love to home decorate, first because it calms the OCD in us. And two because we all want to live in a home we can lounge in and feel comfortable with. Something that relaxes us after a day of work and errands.With that,  you can step up into a good decorating game while organizing your home. Let it be the perfect time to unleash the artistic side of you. So here goes!

Do Accent or Contrast Walls

Paint only one or two walls instead of every wall in a room. Why is this a smart DIY home decoration tip? Because paint can cost a lotBetween the cost of the primer and multiple coats you’ll likely have to use in order to achieve a finished look… Well, let’s just say your wallet may start hurting before you’re finished. Doing only one wall or two for a DIY home decoration also reduces the amount of labor needed. The truth is, most rooms don’t need to be repainted in their entirety. Some of them just need a little touch-up or point of interest. That’s what an accent wall can give them. 

Use Stencils

This tip actually works very well with the previous one. If you’re at all crafty, stencils are a great way to make your DIY home decoration look more expensive than it really is. Not artistic enough to draft your own stencil designs? That’s perfectly fine. You can actually find several online and print them out and cut them for your own use. This can help you give your place an original, distinctive look. And it’s usually much cheaper than getting the wallpaper version.

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