Embracing Scars as a Form of Art

For some having skin scars conscious them, especially if it’s visible in most parts of the bodies that are seen, or can be easily seen. However, not for all people. For some, their scars are art.


Your scars tell different stories, just like they say. For some, they had scars because of battles, because of childhood memories, and other remarkable reasons. This is one of the very few reasons that they consider their scars as art— it is as if it was there for a reason, and it is meant to be there. So why bother to remove them?

Love Your Body: Love Your Scars

As with the gold enhancing the pottery, our scars enhance us. Our scars show our perseverance, fortitude, and courage. It allows people to know that we have been broken but put back together and are stronger because of it, we’ve had our breakthrough. 

Yes, it’s the cliche “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.” It actually does make us stronger because we learn from it. We learn that we have the strength we never knew existed; with this newfound strength, we are allowed to grow.

Social Media Art and Scars

Lately on the internet, whether its Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, people have been more open about sharing their “scars” whether it is a prosthetic limb, a burn, or some accident and the story behind it. This is a brave act of telling people our different stories, that is visual art indeed in trying to show off your art— your scar across millions of channels on the internet.

I believe this process helps them overcome the trauma but also helps others with their own trauma and story. It allows others who have similar experiences know they are not alone. Sharing indeed does not make you feel less about yourself, it makes you greater than your own fear of being rejected.


Loving your body means accepting your skin, your looks, your color, and your scars— that’s when scars become beautiful, that is when it became an art. 

Other than that, you can also enhance your skin and scars. To know more about scars, creams and another enhancement click here!