What is the Best Material for an iPhone Case?

Basically, the main function of cell phone cases is to give protection to the phone. Thus, the aesthetics of the phone are being preserve and at the same time reduce the wear and tear of it.

Materials in making the cell phone cases are available in different variety. These materials can also fit in different models or cell phone units like the Coque iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S Plus.

Commonly Used Cell Phone Case Materials

The reason for choosing the appropriate material is widely affected by predisposing factors. Appearance, usability, environment, cost, and protection are the factors that one must have to consider upon choosing the cell phone case materials. To assist you on your decision making process regarding on the best material to use, below is the list of commonly used cell phone case materials.

1. Plastic

This material is the most commonly used because it is budget-friendly and firm kind of material. Aside from protection, plastic cell phone case materials incorporate style and charm to the phone. Moreover, cell phone case plastic material is divided into subcategories – the polyurethane and polycarbonate.

The polyurethane is more inexpensive and easily molded. Due to this, it can be customized to various designs and unique patterns. While the polycarbonate is more durable and comparably stronger. That’s why it is applicable to protect cell phones in contrast to heavy drops.

2. Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a very light material that is comparably stronger than that of a steel. It is produced through weaving process of carbon strands. However, this cell phone case material is expensive due to the sophisticated woven design, durability, and lightweight.

3. Wooden

What’s nice about this material is that it is easily customizable and personalized designs can be engraved on it. Bamboo trees, redwood, and cherry are the most preferred woods being used. Using this material as cell phone case can give you a great artwork which can help you appreciate what visual art is.

4. Leather

The leather material of cell phone case are the classic options which offers elegance and sophisticated style. However, this material do not give much protection whether it is the natural or the synthetic leather type. What it does is to protect the phone from scratches, chipping, and light wear only.

5. Silicone

This is a flexible type of material that can be stretched over the phone. Because of it, the shape and the style of the phone is maintained. Moreover, it protects the phone on low-pressured drops by absorbing shocks.