New Women in Art Fair Set to Rectify Women’s Representation in the Art Industry


Historically, women are minimally represented in the world of visual arts because for a long time, women were viewed as art modes rather than as artists themselves. Not anymore because The Women in Art Fair that is set to take place in London 11-14 October 2023, aims to rectify the gender imbalance in the art industry.

The fair will be held during Frieze Week at The Mall Gallery and will exhibit and sell only art works created by women-identifying artists.

The Absence of Women Artists in the History of Art

Throughout the history of art, the only contributions attributed to women pertain to their beauty and physical form captured in canvas and sculptures; never for their artistic accomplishments. A female artist was never qualified because she cannot be a “Master of the arts,”.a title that obviously promoted the idea that only male artists are recognized in the field of art.

Nevertheless the Women in Art Fair (WIAF)events are set to redress traditional art, which erased women artists in the annals of the industry’s history. The forthcoming WIAF will dedicate a positive global platform exclusive to women artists, gallerists and curators. The goal is to establish a positive global platform that gives opportunity to female artists, curators and gallerists to contribute in the development and exchange of views about gender, culture and sexuality. The WIAF exhibits will feature arts in all types of media such as contemporary art,, sculptures, photography and textile.