Art: Learn About Motor and Gearbox Design


Why Does it Take a Long Time to Choose the Right Motor and Gearbox?

In FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and actual engineering projects, it is important to select the right motor and gearbox combination for a particular application. Without the proper motor gearbox combination, the team will notice that the robot does not operate as quickly and efficiently as expected and can burn the motor. 

The motor has several important features that provide information about the motor and its function. Motor output torque, current consumption, output speed, output and efficiency. They are explained in turn. These characteristics are interdependent and can be derived from all four: motor stall torque, stall current, free current and free speed. 


The output torque of the motor is the volume of force that the outcome length may spin. If excessive torque is applied to the motor, the output shaft stops or stops rotating. Different motor qualities are often described as a function of torque. When metric units are required, they are usually measured in N-m units. When imperial units or ounce devices are desired.

Current Draw

Motor current consumption is the amount of current the motor draws at a specific load As the motor load (torque) increases, the amount of current flowing through the motor increases linearly.


The output speed of the motor is the speed at which the output shaft rotates. As the motor load accelerates, the expenditure velocity diminishes linearly.


The motor output is the speed at which the motor can operate. This basically represents the motor operating speed. In many cases, motor speed, current consumption, power and efficiency are displayed relative to the output torque, and the values ​​are visualized. 

Now that you know how to distinguish motors, you can choose the motor and gear ratio according to your application. The best motor for a particular task depends on the application. In other words, it is necessary to check the final results such as moving load and moving speed and convert the results into output torque and speed requirements. Checking speed irregularly needs an industrial gearbox repair, if not it will be dangerous for you.