6 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing Your Photos

In an age where we depend on technology for almost everything that we’d like, we tend to neglect or chuck the analog aspects of life. This is often particularly true for the media we consume, which are largely in digital format—people rarely keep physical media like videotapes, audio CDs, and in fact, printed photos.



Almost all photographers today have thousands of images saved on their storage devices but have little to no printed copies. Unlike earlier analog photographers who had to use darkrooms to form prints just to be ready to see their images, many shutterbugs of the digital era did not keep physical copies (whether on film or during a printed photo) of their work.

But what happens once you lose all of the digital photos you saved on your computer or shared online? That’s where printing comes in.

Below are reasons why photographers should consider printing their photos:

1. It’s an improved way to reminisce on old memories.

Do you ever end up eager to imagine the past? Baby pictures, family reunions, high school parties, weddings, and therefore the like? Having these precious memories on print may be a better option for when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Why? It’s simply a stronger experience to be able to bear a photograph album as opposition swiping left or right a mobile device, or pressing buttons on a computer.

Another upside to having prints is you’ll display your favorite shots (or your most treasured memories) in your home or office. After all, what’s the purpose of taking all those beautiful pictures if you’re visiting to keep them stuck in a very digital device? All you wish could be a good printer like the ones by Canon, which must be properly set up, and a few creation papers, and you’re prepared to enjoy those photos in a more meaningful and tangible way.

2. They technically last longer than digital copies.

Unlike digital pictures, actual printed copies have an extended lifespan. Consider it this way—you presumably still have copies in your family albums of decades-old photos from when your parents (or grandparents) were still young. On the opposite hand, the identical probably can’t be said for those random selfies or artsy photos you saved on MySpace or Friendster.

When you upload pictures to social media, photo hosting sites like Flickr, or to paid cloud storage servers, there’s always an opportunity that they’ll get permanently deleted. The identical goes for your computer memory or your Winchester drive. They will get corrupted or maybe lost—which means you lose your photos within the process.

If you would like to induce started on printing your work, ensure to settle on high-quality photo paper to make sure the longevity of your prints.

3. You’ll display them anywhere you prefer.

Another advantage of printing your photos is that you simply can display them anywhere. As a knowledgeable photographer, you’d want to point out off your best work, whether in your home, at your office, or in your studio.

Today, a lot of photographers are satisfied with showcasing their work on social media. However, having large, blown-up prints of your favorite photos are still something more impressive and organic. It really shows off your skill, because many photos can look good on a computer or mobile device, but not all of them will look good in print.


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4. It causes you to be a far better photographer.

Nowadays, because of Instagram, just about anyone is a photographer. But as previously mentioned, shooting photos for social media is easier than for print. When you print your work, it creates the necessity for yourself to perfect everything right down to the last detail and make sure that your shots look good on both print and digital.

Printing also allows you to know your work better. How? It helps reveal stuff you wouldn’t have normally seen on a digital screen. Seeing your photos in print will allow you to work out what your (and your camera’s) strengths and weaknesses are.

5. You get to find out a brand new craft.

Photographers spend years learning a way to use their cameras—but they typically don’t stop there. Back in the days of analog photography, you had to be told the way to use a darkroom and develop your own photos. These days, photographers now not must find out how to develop film, but they are doing must learn other skills, like basic photo editing and digital manipulation. Some even take it a step further by learning the way to properly print their photos also.

Printing your photos allows you to find out a brand new craft—from understanding color management all the way down to choosing the proper printer, ink, paper to use so as to provide high-quality prints of your work. You increase your skillset as a photographer once you master this part.

And the best part? You won’t pay someone to try and do it for you.

6. Your photography services expand.

Adding photo printing to your photography package allows you to produce a more comprehensive service. Other than supplying you with the choice of earning extra cash, printing gives you the chance to deliver the most effective possible output for your clients. After all, imagine taking the time and energy to capture all of these perfectly composed and exposed photos, only to own them look horrible once the client has them printed elsewhere.

When you do your own printing, you keep control over image quality, size, and also overall presentation, so you get to make sure the standard of the ultimate product.

Printing allows you to become a full-service photographer, which may facilitate your attract both potential and long-time clients and take your business to the subsequent level.