The work I currently producing involves translating experiences of the real world into the hyper-real world of the miniature. The small world gives me an opportunity to have, to control and to explore a situation and more importantly share it with the viewer. A principle fascination with the process involves making a fleeting moment permanent, allowing it to be analysed and become poetic in a cinematic sense. The model removes us in scale but pulls us into an intimate jewel-like situation. In recreating an event I take possession of it, and in combination with the miniaturisation of it we are distanced from it and as Gaston Bachelard states: We possess from afar, and how peacefully. Recent projects have resulted in short digital films that borrow heavily from cinema, but I often show the model by itself. When I show the model I relinquish some of the control that I have over the viewer, instead of dictating how the viewer approaches and experiences the model, they are free to discover it for themselves. The model welcomes the viewer to suspend his belief and breathe life into the dead model, which flutters between reality and unreality. The viewer projects his memory and imagination upon the re-enactment, creating his own personal space.



Boys Toys 2006
DVD 4 min Loop
June 2006-06-16
Edition: 1 of 20