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Gordon Cheung - Beyond the Grave
(with Annie Kevans and Hugh Mendes)
February 8 - March 7, 2005

Gordon Cheung uses computers to construct images and, using a combination of collage, ink, spray paint and computer print-out, translates the images to large-scale canvases. In 2000, he helped to organize Assembly, an exhibition in east London involving more then 170 artists. He was recently mentioned on The Independent an English newspaper (6 June 2005), as one of the rising stars of contemporary art.

Craig Burnett says about his work:
‘Gordon Cheung's portraits from Forbes magazine's list of ‘Top-Earning Dead Celebrities' – entertainers who continue to rake in the cash from beyond their graves – convey a similar mix of dread and fascination. The fact that these corpses live on as money machines seems like an infuriating waste – some heir or copyright holder is benefiting from this strange combination of consumerism and necrophilia. Painted in hazy, halo-like sprays of pigment in lurid, sci-fi colours on old copies of the flesh-toned Financial Times , these portraits seem to exist on an alternative planet where taste and morality fled for the world next door'.



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