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Peter Lamb

1993-1996 BA Fine Art Painting, Camberwell School of Art and Design.


Selected Exhibitions
2007 Notting Heaven, Sartorial Contemporary Art
2006 Solo exhibition, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles.
2006 Cold Climates, Living Arts Museum, Iceland (featuring The Icelandic Love Corporation).
2006 Broken Romanticism, Standpoint Gallery, London.
2006 Jerusalem, Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax .
2006 Bubblegum, LAF Gallery, London (featuring Dan Coombs, Danny Rolph and Ian Dawson).
2005 Acid Drops and Sugar Candy, Transition Gallery and Foster Art, London.

2005 Brand x , Sartorial art, London (featuring Wil Turner and Sam Dargan).

2005 Do Not Ask Me Who I Am, St.pauls Gallery, London (featuring George Doneo, Ian Dawson and Matt Franks).

2005 Painting Unperfect, Houldsworth Gallery, London (featuring Gordon Cheung).

2005 Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, 17 Gallery, London .

2005 Green door, Sartorial Art, London .

2004 CAUTION:Uneven Surfaces, TemporaryContemporary Gallery, London.

2004 Horizon of Expectation , Empire Gallery, London .

2004 Zoo Art Fair, Flaca Gallery, London .

2004 Material Faith, Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles .

2004 Idol Fools, Three Colts Gallery, London

2004 One Day, Gallery Corridor , Iceland

2004 But Not As We Know It , Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles .

2004 Cold Climates , APT Gallery, London (co-curator) (touring exhibition of Finnish, British and Icelandic artists).

2004 Then (part 6 painting and sculpture/developments), Phoenix Arts Organisation, Brighton

2003 Pyramid Scheme Exhibition , Schopf Gallery, Chicago

2003 Midas, Post Gallery, Los Angeles

2003 Campaign , Unit 2 Gallery, London (curated by Bob and Roberta Smith)

2003 Group Show, Flaca Gallery, London

2003 But Not As We Know it, APT , London (featuring Twan Janssen, Dan Coombs and John Chilver)

2003 Temporary Fiction, Transition Gallery, London (featuring David Burrows, Danny Rolph and Hew Locke)

2003 LA International, The Latch Gallery, Los Angeles .

2003 Intoxicant, Limehouse Arts Foundation, London .

2003 The Physical World, APT Gallery, London (curator) (featuring Ian Dawson and Lothar Gotz)

2003 The Stray Show, Kontainer Gallery, Chicago.

2003 Soho in Ottakring, Austrian Art Festival, Ottakring.

2003 Miniature, touring show held at Raid Projects, Los Angeles and Kyubidou Gallery, Tokyo (co-curator)

2002 The Stray Show, (co-curator for Raid Projects), Chicago .

2002 God is in the Detail, residency at Raid Projects Gallery, Los Angeles .

2002 Island (GIANT 2), SevenSeven Gallery, London (curator)

2002 From Dusk Till Dawn, Greenwich University (as part of the ‘persistence of gothic Conference')

2002 Loco For Rococco, The Nunnery Gallery, London (co-curator) (featuring Ke-Karel van de Sterren, Erik van Lieshout and Mark Titchner).

2002 Cross-Currents, Raid Projects, Los Angeles

2002 Cross-Currents, MillerDurazo, Los Angeles

2002 Cross-Currents, Deutsche Bank, London

2002 Group Show, K3 Projects, London

2001 GIANT, Three Mills Film and TV Studios, London (co-curator)

2001 Gods country, LA International, MillerDurazo Gallery, Los Angeles .

2001 Just Short, Raid Projects, Los Angeles .

2001 Group Show, Kopavogs Museum , Iceland .



Miniature, Raid Projects catalogue, Rebecca Geldard, November 2002.

Artist-In-Residence, Raid Projects catalogue, Max Presneill, November 2002.

Cross-Currents, Raid Projects, Los Angeles , 2002.

LA International, Biennial Art Invitational. Los Angeles , 2001.

Group Show, Kopavogs Museum , Iceland , 2001.



Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Epifiano, Harry Pye, June 2005.

Remember Me, LA International catalogue, George Doneo, July 2003.

The Stray Show, Rearview Mirror, Valerie Arnold, March 2003.

Raid Routes, Artist Newsletter, Deirdre King, August 2002, page 34.

Worst case scenarios revisited, Los Angeles Times, Vivian Letran, July 2001.

Don't know what you've got till its gone, OC Weekly, Rebecca Schoenkopf, July 2001.

Morgunbladid, Group show review, Anna Einarsdottir, Jan. 2001.

Morgunbladid, Group show review, Rikardur O Palsson, Jan. 2001.

DV, Just the Dish , Group show Review, Adalsteinn Ingolfsson, Jan. 2001.

Radio 1 Iceland , Interview with Rekyjavik Cultural Station, Jan. 2001.

Orange County Television , Interview for In Season, at Edward Giardina Gallery, April 1999.

DV, Solo Show Review, Gallery Anddyrinl, August 1998.



Cold Climates, Living Arts Museum , British Consul , Iceland , March 2006.

Cold Climates, Living Arts Museum , British Council, March 2006.

But Not As We Know it, Kontainer Gallery , British Council, Feb 2004.

Miniature, Raid Projects, British Consulate, November 2002.

Cross-Currents, Raid Projects, British Council, December 2001.

Group Show, Kopavogs Museum , Iceland Air, December 2000.

Spurgeon Experience 2 , Raid Projects, Havering Arts Award, July 2000.

In Season, Edward Giardina Gallery, Havering Arts Award, July 1999.


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