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Mikey Georgeson

My art and music are inspired by the magic of the mundane.  In his autobiography there is an illustration of the magician David Devant making a ghost disappear in front of a critical audience which for me has parallels to painting pictures with sticky fluid stuff. His work is full of contradictions and paradox, and I hope mine is too. ?Visa versa? is a trick in which he turns a man into a woman inside a skeleton cupboard. It is that sneaky inclusion of skeleton cupboard that I like, as if it's the most natural place for said transformation. I enjoy juxtaposing apparently disparate images and applying conviction.

When Harry Pye suggested that the time was right for a Devant themed magic show I was sorting through some books I hadn't touched since they had come into my possession via my polymath cousin, Ricky Rhubarb. The first chapter of the first book was a sketch of Augustus John basically saying he was a bit hit and miss but when his work clicked ?one stares at it with amazement as if this were a Maskelyne and Devant trick and one saw a box floating in mid air? This has now become my bench mark.

26 Argyle Square London WC1H 8AP - - + 44 (0) 20 7837 1013
2009 Sartorial Contemporary Art