Mikey Georgeson

Born in Bexhill-on-Sea 1967 studied Illustration at Chelsea School of Art (1986-89) under Neo-Romantic artist Susan Einzig. He then learnt sequential design from George Hardy (Hypnosis) during His MA in the subject at Brighton University (1990-91). His artist's books from this period are in archives worldwide from The Tate to The Banff Centre Alberta Canada.

In 2006 Mikey emerged blinking from an intensive 6-week Artists' Group run by Phillipa and Grayson Perry at the University of East London (where he lectures in Art History and Illustration). His work now pits together the opposing forces of forward planning and backwards causality. Preferring to work in a mosaic of media “capturing the euphoric episodic globules of life”, he is drawn to what he sees as other bridging artists such as Jim Dine and David Robilliard whose paintings harness the primordial power of the creative act - using passions as beacons.

Through Critical practice at Chelsea he has developed and run several workshops aimed at linking the left and right brain through song and play. And he was recently quoted in The Guardian regarding art education.
“ Art is the ability to trust our visual brain not to codify images mimetically .”
His confessional film “Who is Mr. Solo?” explores the idea of individuation and was part of an internationally distributed DVD produced by Bad idea and The V&A.



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