1996-99 Postgraduate diploma in Painting, Royal Academy Schools , London

1993-96 BA Hon's Painting & Printmaking, Coventry University

1992-93 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Bangor Art & Design College , North Wales


2006 'Artistic Vandals Part II', Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

2006 'Artistic Vandals Part I' at nomoregrey with Sartorial Contemporary Art, London.
........   Curated by James Jessop with Gretta Sarfaty Marchant

2005 ‘Arts Unwrapped', Space Open Studios, London

2004 '20 th Century Perspectives', Burlington Fine Arts, London

2004 ‘Group Show', Kingly Court Gallery, London

2004 'Ink Tank', Group Exhibition, Urbis Gallery, Manchester

2000-02 ‘Millennium Artists', Group Exhibition, Bruton Street Gallery, London

2000-01 Royal Cambrian Academy , Conwy North Wales

2000 ‘ Group exhibition', Thomas Corman Arts, London

1997-99 Premium Show & Interim Show , Royal Academy of Arts, London

1997-96 ‘ Summer Exhibition', Royal Academy of Arts , London

1997 ‘National Print Exhibition' The Mall Gallery, London

‘Group Exhibition' The Herbert Gallery , Coventry

‘International Student Print Exhibition', Touring Preston, Cardiff and Coventry , Falmouth College of Art

1996 ‘The Eleanor Trust Print Exhibition', Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum

1996 ‘Intimate Interiors' The Bug Gallery, Coventry

1996 ‘Heart of England Biennial Exhibition' [Awarded First Prize], The Herbert Gallery & Museum, Coventry

1995 ‘Tagger', Street Art Exhibition, The Bug Gallery, Coventry

1995 ‘One Man Show', The Glass House Gallery, Coventry

1995 'Taking it all in', Oldham Art Gallery , Manchester



Awarded Young Wales Prize for Painting, Royal Cambrian Academy , Conwy North Wales


Royal Academy Schools , London :

Reynolds Student Prize For Painting

Crowell Hospital Award

British Institution Fund for Printmaking

Richard Ford Travel Scholarship to Madrid

Sir Frank and Lady Short Prize for Painting

The Band & Dooley Prize for Drawing

Dorothy M. Morgan Prize for Painting

Rio Tinto Scholarship


Coventry University :

Ede Ravenscroft Prize for Painting & Printmaking

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

First Prize , The Heart of England Exhibition


Coventry University

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

Cromwell Hospital, London / Holme House, London

London Business School, London

Tolklan Ltd, New York / Cap Gemini, London

Private Collections Italy, Germany, & Japan