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2010      CHAOS/KHAOS joint show with Katerina Botsari - Sartorial Gallery London 2008      ALLEGORICAL MAPS OF MACONDO  -  Macondo, Hoxton Square London 2007      TREESAY   -   The Foundry London EC1 2006      MIRROR MIRROR   - The Foundry EC1
2004      IN THE SPIRIT OF RUSKIN   -  Brantwood, Coniston, Cumbria 
2004      HERE AND BEYOND - joint show  with Joan Jago  - Curwen Gallery London 2003      GAIA - IN THE LIGHT OF GAIA  - Institute of Physics, London 
2002      GAIA- A BRIEF ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH Royal College of Pathologists, 2001      GAIA - RECORD OF A JOURNEY  - Royal Geographical Society 2000      BIRCH BARK PAINTINGS - Sheridan Russel Gallery, London 2000

2010    PRACTISE OF FREEDOM Institute of Education London University
2010     WINTER EXHIBITION - Rickshaw House Gallery, Southwark, London
2010     LUXURY GOODS THE ROLE OF ART -  Courtyard Gallery EC1
2009     COMMUNITY CELEBRATION - re-opening the Marianne North Gallery - Kew Gardens
2009     THOROUGHLY MODERN DORA  - a celebration of the sculptures of Dora Gordine 
2009     "WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF" -  The Mission,  Hackney Wick
2009     THE FREE INSTITUTE OF VISUAL THOUGHT  Hackney Wicked Festival  
2009     LUXURY GOODS - THE MEANING OF ART,  The Foundry EC1
2009     THE POSK GALLERY, London
2008     PUKI PARADE   Luxembourg Gardens Paris
2008     LOOSE DOGS & LOOSE ARTISTS  - Marchwood, Kent UK  works in open woodland 2008     EDGECENTRICS -  Liverpool Biennial Independents, Williamson Tunnels
             20 ANOS MAM Chiloe, Chile;  shown alongside Picasso and Neruda
             MUSEUMMAN Galeria Metropolitana, Santiago Chile 
             MUSEUMMAN  Valparaiso
            ROOT  Fondacion Neruda, Isla Negra, Chile  (collection Fondacion Neruda)
            TE PITO O TE HENUA  Navel of the World - Rapa Nui/Easter Island  
             SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS Florianapolis Brasil 
             AO Ar Livre Parque do Ibirapuera, Sao Paolo, Brazil (Collection Neimeier building) Painting in the Community
2007     SPECTRE VERSUS RECTOR The Residence, London EC 
2007     FETZUM IN WIND  -  Botanical Garden Graz, Austria travelling to Montevideo Uruguay
2007     45 MINUTES  Performance: Peace Camp, Westminster.  Stratford East, Area 10
2007     DESTINATION Area 10 London 
2007     TO DO JUSTLY TO LOVE MERCY - Black History Month, Morley College London
2006     DIARIO DI BORDO  - Casina Pompeiana, Napoli  2006     WILLIAM BLAKE'S BIRTHDAY , Tate Britain 
2006     VIAGGIO - Archaeological Museum, Cagliari, Sardinia - travelling to Naples 
2006     TEXTERMINATORS - Performance  -  Beirut, Lebanon
2006     MUSEUMMAN, Liverpool Biennual ,  25 Parliament St.
2006     COSMIC WRESTLING MATCH  radio/photography/lecture/discussion  - SydneyGallery, Australia
2006     MAY DAY INAUGURATION, Tower Bridge  
2006     10x10x10 Camberwell Arts Week Area 10
2006     HUMAN TECHNOLOGIE - Synergie Centre, London
2006     THAMES TIDEWAY In The Sky Garden -   Couper Collection Battersea
2006     DRAW -  DRAW  Foundry , London
2005     ISOLA DELLA POESIA   Venice Biennale
2005     MUSEUMMAN Venice
2005     BLOG ON RIMBAUD  - Castella Rivara, Torino, Italy,  travelling to Academia di Bel Arte di Brera, Milan
2005     MOONSTRIKE collage  -  Atalieraranita, Hongkong
2005     DAY OF THE SCREAM - Collage  -  Touring Netherlands
2005     MEETING - Richard DeMarco Archive - Skateraw, Mid Lothian, Scotland
2005     HOGARTH'S PEREGRINATION Hogarth House, Performance travelling to Rock Gallery, Isle of Sheppey
2005     TUTTA L'AGUA DEL MONDO  Museo Carmello Floris, Olzai, Sardinia
2005     AFTER HIROSHIMA Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London University Bricolage
2005     OPEN BOOK   Orlean's House Gallery, Twickenham
2004     LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL INDEPENDENTS  -  A ROOM OF HER OWN  Museumman, 2004     HOMAGE TO RIMBAUD  - Corsica Studios, London
2004     PRECIPITATIONS  - LAB Gallery, Lexington, NYC travelling to Kufa Gallery, London
2004     DRAW _ DRAW  Brazilian Embassy, London
2004     CRACKS IN THE PAVEMENT  - Austen, Texas, USA
2004     1000 CHAIRS  - Alexander Palace, London
2004     LONG SHORE DRIFT - Brighton Beach
2003     CHANGING CHANNELS  Backfabric, Berlin;   Zurmobilefabric, Berlin 2003     THE NEW CONSTRUCTIVISTS  - Atrium Gallery, London
2002     BETWEEN NATURE - Lancaster University
2000     GREENWICH 2000  - St. Alphage, Greenwich, London
2000     THE WALK - Walk Gallery, London
2000     RESURGENCE, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University
2000     NATURE TRANSFORMED  Sheridan Russel Gallery, London
2000     THE NEW CONSTRUCTIVISTS  Institute of Physics, London
2000     ARTISTS EYE , Artist Eye, London
1999     BETTINA FINEARTS - Camberwell, London
1999     FREE PAINTERS AND SCULPTORS   Loggia Gallery, Westminster, London
1998     SUMMER EXPOSURE Market Place Gallery , London W1
1998     CHELSEA ARTISTS Aragon Gallery
1997     WESTMINSTER ARTISTS - St. Martin's in the Fields, London
1997     SELECTED ARTISTS  Small Mansions, Gunnersbury, London
1997     WOMEN IN FOCUS  Camden Arts Council, Camden, London
1996     LIFT UP YOUT HEARTS   Travelling Exhibition, Ireland
1995/6  STOLEN RED CHERRIES  Dublin Writers Museum, Dublin, Ireland
1994     ASK THE POETS Knapp Gallery, Regents Park, London
2010  THE EQUINOX PLOT   The Foundry EC1 - a celebration of nature with performance, music, film, poetry and visual artists
Three shows involving over 100 visual artists, performance artists,
poets and musicians from all over the world from all over the world -
Stables Gallery, Orleans house, Richmond-upon-Thames
influenced by Schwitters and Ruskin  -  Brantwood, Coniston, Cumbria
travelling to MUSEUMMAN Liverpool as:   KATHEDRAL OF EROTIC MISERY
2005  BLUEPRINTS Co-curator - Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin Germany
2004  ALL FOR LOVE  - Brompton Cemetery, London  - A day of Performance
2004  MC2  -Institute of Physics, London -  20 artists showing wall hung works


2007 MAM Chiloe Chile
2005 Olzai Sardinia
2004 Brantwood, Coniston Cumbria
1999 Alta Feuillia Tarragona Spain


BA (hons) London, Art and Education
Hygeia Diploma in Colour Therapy,
Fellow Royal Geographical Society
Cyril Burt Award
Westminster Arts Council

OCA Parque Ibirapuera  Sao Paolo;  Fondacion Neruda Isla Negra; MAM
Chiloe Chile;  Paintings In Hospitals;  NHS hospitals and Trusts;
Westminster Arts Council; Private collections in UK, USA, Germany,
Italy, Brasil and Chile.

26 Argyle Square London WC1H 8AP - - + 44 (0) 20 7837 1013
2009 Sartorial Contemporary Art