Artistic Vandals II

Gretta's Last Supper carpet is a kaleidoscopic
palimpsest of sacrilege and celebrity. She has
reworked an iconic pastiche of da Vinci's
Last Supper by Alison Jackson.

Gretta, with Jessop's trident held aloft,
herself an uninvited guest, and the other
celebs are confronted by two naked men,
aliens perhaps, intruding on this feast of infamy.
The vandalism is apparent in the iterative layers
of sources, and the cut and paste dash of
images, impostors, impersonators, and
the only real real person: the artist herself.

Who has offended whom? So numbed by the
relentless assault of images, we forget
to find  Jackson's (Alison's not Michael's)
Last Supper offensive, and perhaps our senses
tingle again on encountering Gretta's ruthless
punching of the buttons of notoriety to produce
her mocking riposte. Turning the image into
a madding carpet, the picture 60 times repeated,
she lets us walk all over her work,
for one final violation.




Artistic Vandals
Wall Paper Installation,a  collaborative
piece with all the
'Artistic Vandals' having tag on top of the installation.
Several ink jet prints on archival paper, mixed media
Wall 1: 480 x 300cm / Wall 2: 320 x 300cm


Last Supper
Carpet-Tiles Installation
60 Carpet-Tiles (60 x 60cm each tile)


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