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Greg Rook - Current Vision
(Group exhibition)
June 17th - July 14th, 2005

Believing something is not a private matter. Beliefs are practical and affect those around us. The myths and stories we grow up with can have an application to the here and now, but only believers take those stories and become fanatics and iconoclasts. They make truth out of myth and hide their actions behind spirituality. But there is nothing shameful in spirituality and we mustn't allow religion to monopolise it. We should not allow the term to be kidnapped for the churches and mosques and confined for the use of their clients. Wonder at the stars, love of the wilderness and enjoyment of the arts are a human birthright. I know this and yet I'm envious of the conviction of renaissance art. I want to be an individual certain of my meaningfulness in a meaningful world. Working with religious painting and pop western imagery, I paint a new theology, where heaven is a mountain cabin, salvation is a cowgirl and hell is a partially open drawer.



David and Golias. Oil on canvas, 51 x 41cm



26 Argyle Square London WC1H 8AP - - + 44 (0) 20 3556 6395
2011 Sartorial Contemporary Art