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Gavin Toye - How Men Are
(Group Exhibition)
9 October - 9 November, 2007

How Men Are is a group exhibition of new work by Mat Humphrey, August Künnapu, Mark Mcgowan, Christopher Owen, Harry Pye, Kes Richardson and Gavin Toye featuring drawing, painting, sculpture, text, video and performance that coincides with the 40th anniversary of Valerie Solanas publishing her SCUM manifesto. Solanas, who is best known for shooting Andy Warhol, claimed that men are biological accidents or "walking abortions". She argues that to be male is to be deficient as all men are "emotional cripples". The male artists contributing work to this show are all painfully aware of their faults and weaknesses but still feel they have something to give. The title of this show comes from a line of a song Roddy Frame wrote in the 1980's - "Why should it take the tears of a woman to see how men are?"

Gavin Toye is contributing 2 paintings of a toy Darth Vader. Gavin says: "In my paintings it's the plastic - the toy itself, which is a stronger image than Darth Vader, the STAR WARS character, as the toy is in the physical realm and is a symbol itself of a historical character that stands for the struggle between good and evil. It's that physical realm which connects the image to the painting - the paint is as plastic as the subject is. (Formalist principles still dictate his methods). Along with using Darth Vader I want to reference art history and the setting. The skies come from a desire to associate Darth Vader with religious imagery."



Darth Vader 2 2007




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