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The Rebel Magazine The Values Issue
Community Issue: Winter 2010

The Rebel Magazine 7
Community Issue: Spring 2010

The Rebel Magazine 6
Body Issue: Summer 2009

The Rebel Magazine Harry Pye
Getting Better Spring 2009

The Rebel Magazine 5
Honesty: Spring Issue April 2008

The Rebel Magazine 4
Summer Issue August 2008


The Rebel Magazine 3
Class: Winter Issue Dec 2007

Fool's Gold 2009
Sweet Toof and Martin Lea Brown

Burning Candy 2008
Cyclops, Tek33, Sweet Toof

Gretta's Progress 2008
Text by Olly Beck. Interview by Harry Pye

Mickey Georgeson 2008
My Magic Life

Jasper Joffe 2007
Buck Naked Painting


Harry Pye 2007
Me, Me, Me.

James Jessop 2006
Subway Ghosts

Gretta 2002
The Myth of a Womanhood Youth Vs Gravity



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