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Christopher Davies - Solo Exhibition
March 11 - April 28, 2005

Christopher Davies presents an energetic new body of work produced for this solo exhibition. Developing his long-term investigation surrounding notions of perception, Davies has expanded his ideas using volume and structure to frame, conceal, house and contain imagery through intersections between Fine Art disciplines.

Methods of installation are key in this exhibition since illusion, in relation to how we perceive the world around us, is fundamental, resulting in the works requiring an intense interaction with the viewer. Sculptures levitate, paintings and photography become three dimensional and shadows take on colour. Using mirrors and lighting, the works open up space creating a false dimension that enables imagery and viewpoints to slide through walls, see around corners and unfold spaces. Reflection causes the viewers perspective to be in a constant state of flux and at times to include their own image in the work.

Materials are paramount in the work. Using glass as a key component Davies explores its unique qualities: light can pass through it, colour is intrinsic to the material, and it is activated by light. The surface forms a boundary yet its transparency tempts us into imagining that we can pass through it. Mirrors are glazed with vibrant colour and used to float imagery in front of the viewer.

When Davies contemplates painting he is concerned with its skin that he perceives as a covering over the world, something that can be lifted off and laid over other forms. Expressive and impasto brushmarks in the artworks have been painted, peeled off, and re-located to other forms, thus confounding 2D and 3D. Primarily investigating the workings of illusion, Davies continues his exploration of the merging between art practices. Photography, painting, lighting and sculpture are all utilized to nourish and inform each other creating multi-dimensional works where the abstract and geometric stand alongside representation and anamorphism.



Christopher Davies - Pocket-Scopic
(Group exhibition)
March 11 - April 28, 2005

Christopher Davies reveals to us an unconventional view of the world. Fracturing  our view point of  experienced locations by cutting through depictions, he puts into question the viewers relationship with time and space. Concepts of cubism and the de-centred eye are presented in many unexpected forms- architectural model inversions where he turns space inside-out and reverses perspective, anamorphic projections in which obliquely painted views reveal their illusion, and time-collages creating new places where you can see around corners.




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