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Anka Dabrowska

Anka Dabrowska's work is about the ongoing, shifting and inescapable relationship she has with the place in which she grew up. Anka makes drawings on paper that she customises with geographical details of her native Warsaw, Poland. Fine pencil drawings of Warsaw tower blocks, shop fronts, kiosks and street signage are subtly constructed within blank page and spray-painted patter nation with humorous or unsettling consequences. Her hybridisation of imagery, recalled from memory and data gathered from fact-finding missions to Warsaw describe the disparity between one's personal relationship to, and the collective memory of, a given place. This also encourages a wider reading of her particular position between two very different cultures. In recent work she translates drawings into three dimensional structures. Crudely crafted from cardboard, wood, photographs and other found materials, these structures reference Warsaw architecture, resembling claustrophobic spaces of tower blocks, kiosks and domestic spaces.