The launch of

"Water" by Jasper Joffe
published by Telegram Books
with an exhibition of 34 artists
being Nathaniel Water

opening party Tuesday 25 April 630-9pm

show continues April 26 - 5 May
Sartorial Contemporary Art
101A Kensington Church Street London W8 7LN
open tue-fri 130-730pm
T: 020 7792 5882





Markus Vater, Akiko Usami, Jaime Gili, Paul Haworth, Mike Ralph, Stephen Nelson, House of O'Dwyer, Catrin Huber, Harry Pye, Tara Cranswick , Kit Wise, Rose Gibbs, Stella Vine, Sonia Khurana, Simeon Banner, Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, Martin Sexton, Adam Dant, Phil McCluney, Peter Lamb, Jared Fisher, Si Sapsford, Daiana Stanescu, James Jessop, Marta Marce, Saron Hughes, Peter Harris, Justin Coombes, Louise Camrass, Jesse Chambers, Matthew Collings, Rowland Smith, Vasiliki Gkotsi, Alex Hamilton

Sartorial Contemporary Art is pleased to celebrate the launch of Jasper Joffe's first novel "Water" with a show of 34 artists. Water , the story of young British artist Nathaniel Water's rise to the top & disasters in love and marriage, is published by Telegram Books. Water is illuminated with drawings by the author.

Jasper asked 34 artists to make a piece of work pretending to be Nathaniel Water. Each artist was given a page from the book and asked to be Water at the time of the page they were given. The resulting exhibition offers a parallel narrative to the novel and also celebrates the messing of the boundaries between life and art.

About Water : "Nathaniel Water is a young British artist, restless and neurotic, self-obsessed, preening and hilarious. While his career is burgeoning, his love life is descending into an ever-deepening hole. He proposes marriage to his glamorous Slovak girlfriend, Jelena, with whom he fights continuously. They soon part company. Water then meets Harriet, Jelena's antithesis, and marries her instead. Both women become pregnant at different stages; he leaves each of them at least once, and deserts both when they most need him."

Matthew Collings says of Water : "the frivolity of a youthful modern-times columnist in the culture section of one of the Sundays, combined with sort of egotistical nastiness and a sad interest in the crappier aspects of the art world somehow results in a page-turner."

Jasper Joffe is a painter and novelist. He studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. He completed an MA in painting at The Royal College of Art in London and received a scholarship to the British School at Rome, where he spent nine months. He has had solo exhibitions in London , Rome , Milan and Brno ; his work is also in the Saatchi collection.
He lives in London .

for information about "Water" the art show please contact or go to Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7792 5882