The Deviants
Sept 15th to Oct 14th 2005
Sartorial Contemporary Art presents: The Deviants, a show of paintings by two of London’s most exciting young British artists.
The Deviants are James Jessop and Gavin Nolan, hell bent on a mission to paint lively, strange and expressionistic fusion pop style paintings. They are a new breed of painter; their style has recently been coined ‘Deviant’ in East London’s underground painting circles. This show is the first chance to see and experience first hand both of their terrible new visual deviations.

James Jessop began his artistic adventures aged eleven drawing graffiti on the streets. In 1986 he was given a copy of the now famous Subway Art and became enthralled by the graffiti murals painted on the subway walls of New York City. Graffiti is a never ending source of inspiration for Jessop. His latest paintings are inspired by 60’s sex sleaze paper back covers mixed with his own graffiti style lettering. A strange visually energetic mix, Jessop’s work manages to pull off the trick of being addictive to the eye. He recently had a solo show at Rockwell in East London, and last year was part of ‘The New Blood Exhibition’ at the Saatchi Gallery.

Gavin Nolan’s recent paintings are perverse and contradictory. Disparate elements combine resolutely to form freakish portraits. The various characters develop personalities and traits. Seemingly demanding of their creator (“make me look beautiful”) to the point that Nolan seems bizarrely to have gone easy on his nightmarish subjects. As in so many portraits of course, true personality cannot help but caustically seep through.

His dialogue is appropriately diverse. The delicate brushwork is at odds with brutally applied splashes, swathes and scumbles. Despite this contradictory language, the rigorous glazing and twisted compositional tricks combine to harmonious effect. The paintings are discordant, disquieting and beautiful.
Nolan recently had a solo show at Rockwell in East London, and has forthcoming shows at Wooster Projects - New York, Tokyo, Wondersite, Japan and Sartorial Contemporary Art, London.