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The title itself is a procative statement by the artist in relation to the Female versus Feminism issue, and how the use and abuse of that subject has now become a cliché. The series comprises of one photographic image which is duplicated several times to form form a stimulating kaleidoscopic final picture. The Myth of Womanhood marks Gretta's return to performance art, however in this instance the performance is only for the camera.
Dressed in dramatic outfits with a vivid colour combinations (including a leopard-skin print and a black jacket with red fake fur trim on the collar and cuffs), the artist strikes poses in front of her dressing room mirrors which are positioned to reflect her image in a multitude of angles.
Other works shows her occupied with more mundane daily chores: cleaning teeth, combing hair, putting on make-up.
In Hands Together the starting point is an image of Gretta standing with her back to the mirror; her arms outspread with flowers in her hair.

Crossarms 2005 Digital photo on archival paper, 48.3 x 32.9cm 

Crossarms 2005 Several digital photos mounted together, 80 x 98cm

Sonata in Red 2005 Digital photo on archival paper, 48.3 x 32.9cm 
Sonata in Red 2005 Several digital photos on archival paper mounted together


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