The landscapes and cities presented in these works are basically pictures of the miniature worlds which we often encounter at the locations they actually represent. It is about the detailed and very controlled scaled down worlds of, for example, the doll house (installed in the house) or the model railway (installed at the main rail way station in most European cities). Toys or representations made to confirm a certain history of civilization: the ideal family and the ideal changes of industrialization.
The artist's play with scale and copy by drawing images of these miniature models of society in close ups puts forth the uncanny. An experience of the unknown suddenly present in what was regarded as known (and safe). In Mie Mørkeberg's investigations into this real-artificial-reality she places the miniatures worlds clean cut representations of the society and the family back into a lived reality and more complex history where something actually can go wrong. Harry Pye




Mie Morkebørg U.T. 2009
Indian ink and acrylic on canvas 117 x 88 cm
Courtesy of the Artist and Galleri Tom Christoffersen