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Martin Dukes - Dolore
(Group Exhibition curated by Klarita Pandolfi with Harry Pye)

May 12 - June 9, 2005

Process and procedure are devices used in my work in an attempt to limit decisions and to open out the possibilities of an autonomy dictated by the material itself. This quazi- 'objective', formal system, (often using grids and mechanical tricks) questions issues of authorship, the imagination and so-called artistic facture?"the masterful intervention of the artists' hand". Seemingly pragmatic, the work courts but then seems uneasy with the name 'painting', after all these are shallow sculptures that operate as paintings yet reference wall mounted grills and vents, potentially viable conduits for the fugitive imagination; my paintings play games - involved in mimetic, self -referential rules, transparency means more than the material with/in which they are framed. Technique may seem to be all, but this is a bastardized version of a system, one which cannot stick to its initial proposal without dissolving into abstracted, hallucinatory visions; idiosyncratic images that paradoxically obviate the very theory of which they are a product.

Orhmurm 2004. Extruded acrylic and enamel, 100 x 73,5 cm......



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