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Joby Williamson - Green Door
(Group exhibition)
February 2nd - March 2nd, 2005

One of the main threads running through my work is an investigation into traces of the previous lives of objects, an archaeological study of today's artefacts. I work with things that, for varieties of reasons, have been discarded and are considered to have reached the end of their 'useful' or 'normal' lives. Through processes of recycling and re-presentation within an art-based context certain translations occur, narratives are reinvented and individual histories are revealed. From within these new contexts my aim is to provoke consideration of our notions of the lives of objects, their functions and the personal / individual values that we apply to the things we choose to have around us.

Boxes 1, 2, 3. Coated brass etchings, 15 x 75cm, each 15 x 25cm



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2009 Sartorial Contemporary Art