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JA Nicholls - Current Vision
(Group Exhibition)
June 17th - July 14th 2005

"I'd like to think that a single sea or sky can be made and, more importantly, felt in three or four registers at the same time, that it can be sensed in a sudden outburst of badly mixed blue paint, in a triangular play of photographed light on water and in the hand-made intimacy of a wavy biro line. I'd like to think, too, that the single subject in a boat on water, in city streets, and sometimes in passing company is recognized and re-membered through samples of visual imagery, each bit carrying a discrete sense of time and association. I'm after the presence of new possibility in combos sampled from the array of idioms used to communicate the who, the what and the where of contemporary life. Images that have had their day elsewhere, in magazines, forgotten life drawings, newspapers, smears of paint tested on the studio wall. The invitational push and pull present in the products of mass circulation co-mingle unpredictably with hand-made marks, less certain of their potency. In-your-face, flat no-go zones of colour abut pastures absorbent in their transparency. Perspectives, scales, histories, times and paces energetically posture for new significance. I'm drawn by a kind of awkwardness, ineptitude, a desire to join this thing, with its fragile graphic grasp on reality, with that there heavier-handed tonal purchase, a process cack-handed in the face of customary practice. I crave a something-happening on the horizon which doesn't have a name but is derived from the commerce of ideas which gather around the unexpected meeting of marks, the heroic struggle between omnipotence and sublime messiness".


f Kiss my eyes , 2005. Gouache, paper, collage, 21 x 26 cm

Kiss my eyes, 2005. Gouache, paper, collage, 21 x 26 cm



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