Harry Pye

Born in 1973 Lives and works in London

Winchester School of Art 1992-1995, Ba (hons), Winchester
Camberwell School of Art 1991-1992, Foundation, London

Solo Show
2008 “Getting Better”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2008 "Sleepless In Sao Paulo" a.k.a "Harry Pye's”, Thomas Cohn Gallery, Brazil
2007 "Me, Me, Me", solo show of Harry's new paintings, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London

Selected Exhibitions
2008 "Poetic Licence" at Crimes Town Gallery in Stoke Newington
2008 "Fresh Air Machine" curated by Geraldine Swayne & Howard Dyke at Calvert 22, London
2008 "Everyday People", Tom Christopherson Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 "Black History Month" at The Limelight Gallery" in Lewisham, London
2007 “How Men Are”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2007 “The Future Can Wait”, London
2007 “Il Take Two Part 2”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2007 “Il Take Two”, Fishmarket, Northampton
2006 "For Peel" group show curated by Harry Pye featuring 60 artists at Nomoregrey, Shoreditch
2006 "42" group show curated by Sarah Sparkes, The Three Colts Gallery in Bethnal Green.
2006 "Through The Looking Glass", curated by Marcus Cope & Stephanie Moran,
..........The Three Colts Gallery, Bethnal Green London  
2006 "Water" show coinciding with the launch of Jasper Joffe's Novel, Sartorial Contemporary Art
2006 "People Like Us", curated by Sartorial Contemporary Art, Nomorerey, London
2005 "Dolore", curated by Klarita Pandolfi (with Harry Pye), Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2005 "Night on Earth", curated by Harry Pye, Oh Art Gallery at The Oxford House, London
2005 "Encounters with the Sub Ordinary", curated by Mat Humphrey, Pump House Gallery,
.... .....sponsored by The Royal Academy.
2005 “Campbell's Soup", curated by Neil Muholland at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2005 "Last Chicken In The Shop", publication and event, The Chateau, Glasgow
2005 "The Harry Pye & His Friend's Personal Organiser and Yearbook", the First Publish & Be Damned
.... .....Festival by Pye and A. Shaw
2004 "I'm Shy" Flaca Gallery, London
2004 "Wayne Rooney" VTO Gallery,
2004 "Pub Signs" 69 Gallery, London
2004 "We Can Work It Out" The 3 Colts Galley, London
2002 “White Middle Class Men" Lewisham Library, London
2001 "Slim Volume" Redux, London and Outpot Gallery, Norwich
2000 "Funny", Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
2000 "Record Collection", The VTO Gallery, London and The International, Manchester,
.... .....Espace D'art Contemporain", Geneva

Selected exhibitions conceived and curated by Harry Pye
2009 ' This Was Now' The Russell Herron Collection, Sartorial Contemporary Art , London
2008 “Four By Four”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2008 “Up Close and Personal”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2008 “My Magic Life”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2008 “Mothers”, Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2006 "For Peel" No More Grey, London
2005 "Night on Earth" The Oxford House, London
2004 "Mothers" The Oh Art Centre, Oxford House, London
... ......The North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Scotland
2002 "Viva Pablo" Bart Wells Institute, London
2000 "It May Be Rubbish, But It's British Rubbish" Glassbox, Paris
. ........The Stark Gallery, London
2000 "Enough or Too Much?", Shop Tactics Gallery, London

Selected Events & Publications
2008 The Free Art Fair Book edited by Jasper Joffe The Deptford X Book edited by Bob & Roberta Smith and ..........Matthew Collings
2008 Epifanio - the timeless newspaper
2008 "Gretta's Progress" at Leeds University
2006 "Keep Feeling Fascination" by Harry Pye, launched at the Publish & Be Damned festival
..........Rochelle School, London
2006 Contributed to "How Interesting" Book, edited by Paul Hamilton
2006 Contributed to "Frozen Tears 3" edited by John Russell 
1995-2000 Editor and Publisher of "Frank" magazine

Contributed to various magazines and fanzines such as:
"Untitled", "Publish & Bedazzled", "Pippa", "Keep on Running", "Moving Targets 3",
"That's Andy - A Guide To Warhol", "The Face", "The Ups & Downs"