URBANART - Panik, Cyclops, James Jessop, Rowdy, Sweet Toof
JENI SNELL - Fortress Sartorial Graffiti Event
OLLY BECK - The Impossible Room (project space)

Private View Thursday 26 November 6.30 - 9.00pm Open 27 November to 19 December 2009

JENI SNELL - Fortress Sartorial 2009 as part of a graffiti interactive event with the participation of Panik's workshop results in collaboration with the South Camden Youth Access Point and Corams Fields Youth Resource Centre.
Jeni Snell invites you to join and Graffiti on her inflatable bunker ‘Fortress Sartorial'

Plus Graffiti Workshops Closing Event on Saturday 19 December (12:30 - 6pm) with the participation of the Camden Community Workshops. Supported by the Arts Council, Camden Council and O2 It's Your Community.


Burning Candy on Sartorial's roof terrace at Kings Cross 2008

JENI SNELL - Fortress Sartorial 2009

Jeni Snell's inflatable bunker 'Fortress Sartorial' 2009. Community Interactive Graffiti Event

Jeni Snell invites visitors to Sartorial Contemporary Art to graffiti her inflatable bunker, Fortress Sartorial 2009 . Exploring the conflicting and troubling relationship between childhood innocence and the architecture of war has been a consistently developed theme throughout Snell's work.
The Fortress Sartorial event will take this soft sculpture to a new point of conclusion that explores the more illicit relationship between community and environment, in this case young people and derelict buildings; graffiti, illegal parties, sex and drugs. Snell is interested in the re-animation of redundant military buildings and urban architectural space.
Fortress Sartorial
will prompt our reconsideration of space, place and the effect that our environment has on how we perceive and interact to it.

OLLY BECK - The Impossible Room (project space)

Red Mutation (The Impossible Room) 2009 Mixed media on panel 50 x 40 cm

‘Like a cloud, the giant head moved up the wall behind him, then passed across the ceiling and down
the opposite corner […] rising from the floor until it filled three walls and the ceiling, a slow mouthing
JG Ballard

Olly Beck's chosen title for his debut show at Sartorial Contemporary Art ‘The Impossible Room' is taken rom JG Ballard's experimental and seminal book ‘The Atrocity Exhibition' written in 1970. And like Ballard coming out of the 1960's, Beck's recent painting precludes a decade of millennial hope tainted and occluded by extreme political, cultural and domestic crises. For Ballard and his contemporaries it looks to us like this sudden dystopia was written on the wall for all to see – and thus responded to (within the luxury
of our retrospective insight) in a unified way. But our current experience is bizarrely more subtle and full of detached and unending ambiguous irony. Who or what we believe in becomes less and less clear. Beck's work contains and runs with these lines of upended meaning, and his reading of Ballard's notionof a room or a space with its ‘psychotic' apparitions is perhaps an epitaph of our ‘silent rage' and unattended loss.

Olly Beck grew up in London where he still lives and works. He studied Visual and Performance Art at Brighton University and then graduated with an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2003. He is alsoa writer and curator.

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