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URBANART - Sartorial Educational Programme
OLLY BECK - The Impossible Room (project space)

Private View Thurs 26 Nov Open from 27 Nov to 19 th Dec 2009

URBANART - Burning Candy 2008 at Sartorial and Panik's new work
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Burning Candy 2008 on Sartorial roof terrace at Kings Cross: Cyclops, James Jessop, Rowdy, Sweet Toof

This exhibition is an ode to street-art and the acquisitions built-up in the Sartorial Contemporary Art collection: It will be a chromatograph of colourful works whose epicentre is the ethos of ‘Sartorial' – the dot from which this distinctly urban art spreads out onto the walls of the gallery.
The message it speaks is to encourage a progressively positive reception of art at an urban-level. Look at the ‘Ready-Mades' of Duchamp and
the other Surrealists. Here- in the pungent spraypaint and housepaint of graffiti, is arguably the modern-day equivalent for the youth to embrace
as an accesible form of art-production- an antidote to the elitism of un-attainable, world of high-art, which they can use to speak in the voice of
their generation in response to the current world.

URBANART is an exhibition that brings the exterior street inside as an interior feat- the works of subsequent graffiti collectives will be displayed
and put in conversation with one another. Amongst the work on show will be pieces by Cyclops, James Jessop, Rowdy, Sweet Toof and a 12
foot canvas of the Burning Candy collective which was sprayed at the Sartorial premises (roof terrace). In addition, will be the recent work of PANIK, and the resultant pieces from the workshops PANIK, himself has been conducting at the local Youth Centers with funding granted to Sartorial in a grant from the Arts Council, O2


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