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Caroline List - Current Vision
(Group exhibition)
Jun 17 - July 15, 2005

My paintings are predominately landscapes, which explore the physicality of painting in relation to memory, artifice and the photographic trace.

These materials are fused into the canvas surface through a process of applied layers, then further built up with paint creating a visual play between the painterly physicality and the trace of the imbedded black and white photographic emulsion.

They are neither grounded in reality or fiction, but are fragmented somewhere between the two. The work stems from original photographs that have been taken of specific places. The images are fused to the canvas combining oil painting with a black and white light sensitive emulsion. Whilst this gives them a sense of the authenticity of a memory of a place in time, the artifice of the hand-painted coupled with the trace of the photographic, positions the work between fact and fiction.

The painterly surface and heightened colour explore the visual pleasure of the picturesque and beauty in nature whilst the imprint of the black light sensitive paint signify the dark unknown mysteries within landscape, creating an uncanny mist, that hark back to places of memory and time.

Our experience of landscape is often formed through the collective memory of others, captured in photographic reproductions and other visual sources. The paintings are always set within perfect landscapes, un-peopled, and like ‘Capability Brown's' gardens of the 18 th century perfectly composed for our viewpoint seamlessly disguising the influences of man within the landscape. The hyper-colour of the paintings make the images dreamy so they appear to exist only in a memory distorted by fantasy. It is this part real, part imagined quality that I want to capture in the paintings, creating journeys into the sublime, a desire for a sense of place which hover between fact and fiction.



Mad Bad & Dangerous to Know (part 1), 2006. Oil and silver gelatin on canvas 152 x 152 cm.




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